Why Spray Tanning

sundamageWe’d all like to have the sun kissed look you get from lying on a tropical island somewhere or wasting hours in the sun. However the dangers of over exposure are too great to take the danger. Research has demonstrated that over exposure from the sun can cause leathery or wrinkly skin premature aging of the skin and even skin carcinoma. If you’re looking out for a natural glow without the dangerous effects of UV exposure then spray tanning is the best way to go. Spray tanning offers you tanning without the worries of health risks. A new study shows that indoor ultraviolet UV tanners are 74% more certain to develop melanoma than those who have never tanned inside. The more time an individual has spent tanning inside the higher the percentages of developing the illness. According to the study the type of tanning machine used affects cancer risk some tanners were 4.44 times as likely as non-tanners to develop cancer.

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