Age and Tan Color: The Correlation

As your age climbs the ladder with every second, your body goes through different phases of transformation. One of the most visible of all the changes is the change in your skin. Since your skin changes, so must your tanning requirement. The same tan color cannot be used for all ages and skin types. Let us take a quick look into the relationship between age and color of tan so that you can make informed decision the next time you crave for a sun-kissed skin!

20’s mean deep tan!
Women in their 20’s have hydrated skin naturally. This is the time when they can go for dramatic tan colors. At this age women can pick up tans that are lotion-based. Light shades go well for pale skins. Those who have medium-olive skin can always go for mid-tone tans. Deeper bronzes are suitable for those with darker skins. Too rich products must be avoided to prevent skin breakouts. When lotion-tones are applied with care, they can last for 10 days. Foam mitt must be used while applying tan and application must be done with long sweeping movements. For spots like knees, the lotion must be mixed with moisturizers for a perfect blend.

Multitasking 30’s need to glow
In 30’s women are busy. They run around doing multiple things. They need to spend some time in taking pre-tan care for their skin. Exfoliating skin and moisturizing it properly is necessary for avoiding streaky tan. Spray tan is perfect at this stage. The airbrush spray applicator allows precision and can be applied quickly. Long sweeping overlapping strokes must be used for tanning.

40’s Don’t Need Deep
Deep tan colors in 40’s are not good. It will only make women look aged. The tan must only be darker than your natural skin color by only a couple of shades. This will help to retain the golden hue. For a lighter shade on face, the tan can be mixed with some day cream in 1:1 ratio.

Finishing at 50’s
At 50’s women need to go for proper finishing! Tanning at this age is about luxury for the skin and not about colors. At this age the skin must feel radiant and soft. Tanners which can create light and flattering shade are perfect for this age.

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