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Airbrush spray tanning has become extremely popular. Millions of people use this tanning method to get a perfect golden tan on their skin. Spray tanning can be done at salon or at home. At home, you can call for a professional home service or you can do it on your own. In case you are planning to tan your skin on your own, you will need to know about the tan equipment required along the airbrush spray tan accessories that you can use. Let us take a look at some of the spray tan accessories that you need to get with the tan equipment.

Of all airbrush spray tan accessories that you can get, you can select the ones that suit your requirement the best. Here is a quick list of those accessories. Remember that the list does not consist of the standard equipment which includes compressor, spray gun and the tan lotion.

Tent: You must consider getting a tent. These are portable lightweight tents which can be wall mounted or units that can be made to stand on the floor. Tents ensure that the spray does not stain anything close by.

Bronzer: The DHA based spray tan lotion is a clear liquid. When sprayed, it is difficult to spot the place which has been sprayed. You can get a bronzer which gives the spray a color, which can help you identify the sprayed spot. This is a
harmless chemical.

Disposable units: You may buy some disposable black bras, black thongs, hair nets and sandals.

Hand towels: They can just become handy for any use. Keeping them is a good idea.

Hand dryer: You can use this unit to quickly dry the sprayed areas. This is good when you are working with limited time.

Cups with lids: Keep a spare cup handy and make sure that it has a lid. This can be used for mixing the spray solution and the bronzer in case you fall short of the solution you made first time.

All these airbrush spray tan accessories can help you to get the best results and leave your skin with a beautiful afterglow.

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