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Enclose yourself in healthy tanning DHA

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The skin is the most exposed part of the body. It is the outermost layer that is visible to everyone. Thus, it requires adequate care to make it look appealing and glamorous. One of the ways to enhance the appearance of the skin is through tanning. In those days, sun bathing is the most common method of obtaining a tan. Although, when the body is exposed to the sunlight, it produces Vitamin D which is responsible for bone building and also a good source of calcium; however, the harmful effect of the sun cannot be overlooked. The ultraviolet ray of the sun is quite harmful to the skin. It literally causes skin cancer and sun burn. A study carried out some few years ago revealed that about 50 percent of the people aged sixty five will have a form of skin cancer because of over exposure to the sun.

Tan bed is another option. However, it also has its attendant problems. It uses UVA radiation which is now confirmed to be as bad as exposing the skin to the sun. The UVA can also cause skin cancer. It is a common thing now to hear dermatologist advising people to stay away from the destructive effect of the sun and tan beds in order to avoid skin cancer.

A good alternative you can employ in tanning your skin is airbrush spray tan. It is also known as sunless tan. It uses a spray gun filled with tan solution to spray on the body. The solution is made of an active ingredient known as DHA which is a safe substance extracted from sugar cane. It directly reacts with the skin producing a healthy and radiant tan. Airbrush spray tan is a very healthy and sensible way of tanning. It is very convenient, easy and time saving. You can even have it done for you in your home without necessarily going to a salon. It can be that convenient. Why not try it today!

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Get a dark tan and watch your skin glow

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Tan with StyleHave you being trying hard to get a dark tan without a success? Look no further as you will achieve your goal by the time you finish reading this article. There are different kinds of tanning spray tan in the market that contains moisturizing effect to keep your skin dry. They have nice aroma, easy and very convenient to apply. You can either purchase the product and do it by yourself or have a professional spray tan expert do it for you.

When you decide to have it done by a professional, all you need to do is go to a spray tan salon close to you or call up a mobile spray tan expert who can assist you. This is because applying it on your own may not generate a good result. A spray tan expert is well equipped, trained and highly experienced in handling all manner of skin tans.

Achieving a dark tan on your body largely depends on your skin type and the professional handling your skin. Sometime, you may achieve it at a single session and at other time, you may require to apply the spray tan many times in order to develop a darker color as your skin gets accustomed to the pigments. This is why the services of a tan expert is necessary.

Using a tanning lotion may not generate a desired result because your hands may not get to all the part of your body and it is difficult to know when to stop application. But, when you go through a tan expert, they just know how and where to spray to bring out the dark tan to make your skin glow.

Therefore, obtaining a dark tan is very easy when you get a high quality spray tan product and consult a spray tan expert to handle it for you.


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Are you planning to go on a cruise? If it is yes, you sure need some color. The question now is, how do you get some color on your skin? Sure you are not thinking of sun bathing, because it can be dangerous for your skin. Tanning beds are no good too because of its attendant problems. There are people who have used tanning beds when going on a cruise and it left them frying in the sun.
Tanning lotion has a way of making rashes break on the skin if your skin is sensitive. Then what else? Oh, there is a great way to tan and get some color on your skin, it is known as Airbrush tanning. This is the best method of tanning so far because it does not leave your skin with streaks. It is also the safest and most convenient way of obtaining a tan.

Airbrush spray tan is not expensive and you can get it done in a very short time. All you need is a professional spray tan expert who can give you a good tanning solution that goes along with your skin. This will help you to get a color that is very close to your skin in order to make it look natural.

However, for you to obtain a good, glowing and natural looking tan, you will need to follow the pre and post procedures for tanning. Part of the procedures before the tanning session is to exfoliate properly so that the skin can be dry to enable the tanning solution penetrate deep into the skin for a tan that will last you throughout the duration of your cruise. Also, you are not to allow water touch your body for about 6hours after the session so that the tan can develop and form evenly on your skin. There are other procedures which will be communicated to you through your spray tan expert which when properly followed will produce a golden, glowing and natural tan for your cruise.

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Experience a Positive change after a tanning session

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Experience a Positive change after a tanning session
Airbrush spray tan is not only designed to make you look good, but also to feel good about yourself. If you go through the right procedures of obtaining a tan, you should look good at the end of the process. The right procedures involving contacting a professional spray tan expert who will instruct you properly on what to do in order to achieve the best result.

Most people who have gone through a tanning session can testify to the fact that it makes you feel better and thinner. Carrying a pale looking skin all around has a way of demoralizing one and making one look unfit for any special event or occasion. But when you obtain a tan, your muscle lines and definition will become more prominent and well defined because of the skin color enhancement.

Spray tan also boost your mood. Of course whatever affects your outlook can also affect your mood. When your skin is properly tanned and looking ravishingly beautiful, your mood is bound to change. If you are unhappy and sad, give yourself a treat and boost your mood by going for a spray tan session in a professional spray tan salon. Once you see your skin radiating beautifully, you will feel happy.

In order to keep your experiences and positive changes alive, you will need to constantly reapply the spray tan by visiting the same salon. Generally, a good tan can last for up to 5-10 days. But you can extend it by using good moisturizers to make it last longer. By the time you noticed that it is fading beyond measure, you can quickly go to your salon or call for a home service. Most spray tan salons offer a home service called mobile spray tanning. It is affordable, safe and convenient. What are you waiting for? Call a mobile spray tan expert today and experience a positive change.

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Airbrush spray tanning for special events

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It is natural for everyone to desire to look good on any special occasion or event like wedding, birthday, bachelorette’s party, prom, special night out etc. Even if you don’t have any special events, you may want to look like your favorite celebrity or just to look good as part of your normal procedures. You can achieve your best look with airbrush spray tanning. With this method of tanning, you don’t have to worry yourself about the damaging effects of the sun. You can still retain your natural look with airbrush tanning. You are free to choose any color based on your skin tone so that it can fit in and look all-natural.

There are airbrush spray tanning for special events professionals either at your favorite salon or very close to where you live. You can call for a home service as there are mobile spray tan professionals who will be willing to give you a home service. However, if you want to obtain an excellent tan on your skin, you will need to prepare your skin before you go for the tanning session. You have to fix an appointment with the spray tan experts days before the special event so that if there is any adjustment to make before the day, it will be easy to do. You also need to shave any area where there is hair so that the spray tan solution can penetrate deep into the skin. Exfoliate your body with a loofah and mild soap days before the appointment.

On the day of your appointment, you can take a shower without using any moisturizer, deodorant, body spray or makeup on your body. Any of these items are capable of blocking your skin from absorbing the spray tan solution. You can put on your swim suit during the tanning session or if you are not too shy, you may decide to go without any clothes on. The spray tan solution will be applied on your body for about 10 minutes and it will start drying off instantly. You will need to allow the spray tan solution develops on your skin before you think of taking a shower. Usually, it takes about 6-10hrs for the tan to develop. This is why it is advisable to tan at night so that the tan can develop why you sleep.

You can now see how easy it is for you to achieve a beautiful, glowing skin without staying in the sun for long. Pick up your phone today and call on Sexy Spray tan for a glowing skin capable of turning heads in your direction during that special event.

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How to Maintain a Long-lasting, Great looking Tan

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A great looking tan should last longer so that you can keep looking good and radiant all the way. However, this is easier said than done. It is not an easy task to maintain a good looking tan, but it not impossible. Here, you will learn how to maintain your tan so that it last longer and keep you looking great.

It is essential that you avoid taking a shower immediately after your tan. Your spray tan technician will let you know how long you need to wait before taking a shower. But on the average it should be about 5-8hours after your tanning session. You need to first of all wash your hands before taking your shower. Make sure the water for the shower is relatively warm and gently wash your body with it. Do not scrub so that you don’t wash away the tan. Dry yourself up with a towel.

You need to avoid exercising after your shower so that you don’t sweat. Sweat will inhibit the tan from developing evenly on your skin. You are not to exfoliate again after the tanning session. If you do that, it will cause your tan to fade off quickly. With this, you need to avoid shaving any areas that has been tanned for 2 days after the session. Do not take your bath in hot tubs, chlorinated pools and saltwater. It will shorten the longevity of your tan.

To extend the life of your tan, you need to moisturize your skin. Your spray tan professional will provide information on the type of moisturizer to buy to keep your tan from fading. You will need to add a moisturizing enhancer to prolong your tan.
If you can follow all the points raised above, you will keep your skin looking gorgeous and sun-kissed for a long period of time.

Sexy Spray Tan

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Tips on how to get the Best Spray Tan for your special events

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A spray tan may be all you need to enjoy a complete look that will make you feel special and confident on your day. It can be for your wedding day, prom, birthday and other special days you have ahead of you. Spray tan boosts your confidence and morale as your skin will look radiant and glowing before your friends, family and colleagues on that special day.

A spray tan consists of a tan product and the spraying machine. It does not take time and you can even have it done in the comfort of your home. However, you need to try out the tan products / solutions to obtain the one that fits or match your skin type. A professional spray tan should be able to help you in this regard. They are actually trained to know the kind of products that is good for a particular skin tone. About some few days (a week to be specific) go to the salon and try out a small portion of your skin with the product so that you will know if it fits in with your skin tone or not. It is your big day and you cannot afford to take chances. Below are more tips to help you get the best spray tan for your day.

1. If you have a lighter skin, you need to stay away from darker tans. You can get one shade darker than your usual skin tone. The tan should enhance your skin to make it glow and not look burnt.
2. Look for a spray tan solution with little or no bronzer so that your tan can look even and not stay in the pores to stain your clothes when water gets to it.
3. Exfoliate your body few weeks before the tanning session. This will allow your pores to stay open for the spray tan solution to penetrate in.
4. If you have long hair, pack it back so that it does not stay in the way of the spray tan solution.

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Spray Tan Salons Make Special Events Easier!

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spraytansalonsMaking preparations for your special event can be very hectic. Spray tan salons can help you make it easier so that you have time to relax and enjoy yourself before the big day.

You will need to pay special attention to events like birthdays, weddings, proms, night out and any kind of party you want to hold. Your attention will be needed practically for every preparation that needs to be in place before the event. On top of this, you still have to take care of yourself so that you look great. At this time, a mobile spray tan expert comes in handy. You don’t have to go look for a salon, all you need is a call to the technician and fix an appointment for the tanning session. This takes a whole lot of load from your shoulders.

You don’t have to worry about the type of spray tan products that will be good for your skin. It is the job of your spray tan technician to take a look at your skin and immediately discerns the right product for you. All you need is to follow the instructions of the technician before, during and after the session. It does not take your time. At most you can have an even tan skin in less than 20 minutes. Then, keep it for the next 6-10hrs to allow it develop properly and bravo, you have a glowing, sun-kissed skin. It is just as simple as that.

Special occasions should be fun and not stressful. You can either choose to enjoy the preparation or make it stressful for yourself. A way to take loads of your shoulder is to look out for a professional spray tan salon where a mobile spray tan is offered and fix an appointment. By the time they are through with your skin, you will be amazed at how radiant and glowing your skin will be.

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Combat your pasty look with airbrush spray tanning

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A tan in recent time connotes wealth, class and beauty. This is the reason why you see celebrities always going for spray tan so that they can look classy and also distinguish themselves from the crowd. The spray tan industry has become large and wide because of its convenience and ease compared to the old days. In those days, you have to sun bath in order to obtain a tan and this cannot be done instantly, it has to be for a long period of time. After some time, another system was introduced known as tanning beds. These beds use bulbs to emit ultraviolet rays that will change the colour of the skin. However, it was discovered that tanning beds are harmful to human health. It can generate skin cancer and also cause wrinkles and premature aging.

It was after the tanning bed that spray tan came up. It is a safe method of tanning that employs the use of dihodroxyacetone, a sugar cane extract certified safe for cosmetic use by the FDA. The DHA is combined with other ingredients such as natural oils, Vitamin E and other softeners. This ingredient is sprayed onto the first layer of the skin to produce a tan.

Spray tans are great on the skin as they produce a flawlessly even and radiant tan. There are two ways of spraying it on the body. It is either you use an airbrush spray tanning service or a spray tan booth. Airbrush spray tan employs the use of a handheld device known as airbrushes to spray the tan solution while you have to stand in the booth for it to spray you. The booth is more expensive than the airbrush. There is professional airbrush spray experts trained to handle it for you, so it is a better option to choose.

Airbrush spray tan is becoming more popular by the day because it is portable, convenient and you can have it wherever you choose. It is also safe compared to the dangers inherent in sun bathing. Go for airbrush tanning today and get rid of the pasty look.

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Spray Tan Tips

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Spray tanning is the hottest thing right now in the beauty industry and many people are rushing to get a glowing tan. You can’t blame anyone because there are no other safe methods of tanning apart from using spray tans. It used to be sun bathing before until it was discovered that the ultraviolet rays of the skin is causing harmful effects such as skin cancer and the rest of it.

Spray tan is the latest method of sunless tanning in the industry right now. People are no more using tanning lotions or creams as it is difficult to get an even tan skin. Spray tan is applied by trained expert who can handle your skin properly bringing out the beauty in it. This makes it very convenient and easy way of obtaining a sun-kissed and glowing skin.

If you are planning to have a spray tan party, a wedding, birthday or any special event, it will be good for you to try out spray tan. You will like your skin color and it will also boost your morale. Below are some spray tan tips for you to follow in order to enjoy a perfectly tan and glowing skin.

1. Follow every instruction given by your spray tan expert, it will do you a lot of good
2. Exfoliate before a tanning session so that you can get rid of dead skin cells.
3. Stand still for 30-60 seconds after your tanning session so that the tan dries evenly. This will also prevent the solution from staining your dress.
4. Blotch your skin with a towel to prevent any dripping.
5. Make sure your feet are protected and lightly apply your tan solution on it. This is due to the fact that the feet are always paler and can easily get darkened.

Your technician will add more tips and instructions on how you can maintain your tan before and after your special day.

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