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Is it advisable to spray tan at home?

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Spray tan is now a very good alternative for sun bathing and tanning beds. The result produced by spray tan cannot be compared with other methods of obtaining a tan. However, there is a major problem that should not be overlooked. For you to obtain a good, even, glowing and radiant skin, you have to choose the right method of obtaining the tan.

There are two ways to get a tan. It is either you do it yourself at home or your employ the services of a spray tan expert. We need to analyse the pros and cons of the two methods.

Spray tan at home vs. Spray tan expert
A spray tan at home can be good for a last minute preparation. If you are in a hurry, you may not have the time to call up a spray tan expert in order to fix appointments. But the problem with this method of tanning is that you will have a lot of problems trying to achieve the results you so much desire. In the process, you can end up having patches, streaks and all manner of problems.

For some people, it is not a problem as they have perfected the act of applying the tan at home. They have tried several times using trial and error method to know where to spray and when. But before you get to this level, you would have wasted your time and resources. This is not worth it, why give yourself so much trouble when you can easily work down to any salon to enjoy a spray tan session void of patches and streaks.

Other issue people complained about is the cost. It is cheaper to tan at home than using a salon or a spray tan booth. But, the cost notwithstanding, there is no way you can get an evenly spread tan on your own without the expert touch of a professional spray tanner. It is better to pay for a better service than look awkward at the end of the day.

Ultimately, it is up to you to make a better choice which in this case is to employ the services of a spray tan expert. You will enjoy it and at the end of the day, you will come up with a sun-kissed and glowing skin.

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Airbrush spray tan – Get yours for summer

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Airbrush spray tan is your best option in summer. It is a perfect way to obtain a sun-kissed look. Although, there are several ways of getting a good looking tan, most of these ways can endanger your health. For instance, sun bathing can produce a great tan but at the long run, you stand the risk of getting sun burn, freckles, skin cancer and of course you have to spend lots of time out in the sun to get your skin tanned. Tanning beds is another option that can give you a great tan, but it has its own side effects too. It can make you age rapidly and can also cause skin cancer.

Airbrush spray tanning on the other hand is very safe, convenient and easy to apply giving you a golden glow at the end of it. You can get your spray tan in salons, spas etc and it is not too expensive. A full body tan cost between $25 – $75. You can also choose to tan part of your body such as the face, arms, legs, neck etc if you don’t need the whole body tanned. The prices for tanning body parts ranges from $10 to $40 per session.

There are various ways of applying a spray tan, but it basically the same process. You will be asked to choose a color shade that is very close to your skin tone and select how dark you want the tan to be. Then, you will be asked to undress and step into a tan tent or booth where a professional spray tanner or the automatic sprayer is waiting to spray the tan solution on you.

Airbrush spray tan normally lasts for 5-10 days. However, you can extend the duration if you exfoliate before your tan session. This will help to remove all dead skin cells so that the solution can penetrate deep into the skin. You can also use a water based moisturizer to keep it fresh.

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The good and bad sides of using spray tan

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Civilization has overtaken the natural tanning process, which people say is cumbersome as, you have to look for a beach or swimming pool. It also exposes one’s skin to some hazards such as wrinkles and cancer of the skin because of the ultraviolet rays from the sun. It is the era of spray tan. As good and convenient as spray tanning is, it has some bad sides too either on the pocket and some parts of your body.

Lets Take a take a look at some of these good side of spray tanning:
1. With spray tan it takes less time to reveal the glowing brown you. So it gives more time to do other things, since you take long tanning. What a relief!
2. The thought of carrying a camp bed and looking for either a swimming pool or beach is cleared..
3. The health and beauty of your skin is guaranteed as you will not have to lie under the ultraviolet rays of the sun which leads to skin burns, premature aging and ultimately skin cancer.
4. The application of spray tan is much easier, you don’t have to rob and have uneven patches, you just spray and if the first spray is not enough, you can add another coat. So easy!

The side effect of the spray tan cannot be overemphasized:
1. You may have to do the spray tan more than once because it does not last for so long. It only stays for five to seven days. This can be more expensive.
2. Spray tanning can affect the eyes and other sensitive parts of the body if not handled carefully. This is why you need to consult a trained beauty technician.
The advantages of spray tanning is much more than its disadvantages and you can conveniently overcome the disadvantages by calling for a mobile spray tan technician who is well trained to handle your spray tan for you.
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Looking for a younger skin? Use Airbrush spray tan

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Recent studies have shown that obtaining an airbrush spray tan is far better than any other type of tanning methods such as sun bathing, tanning beds, tanning lotions/creams etc. Many people spend their hard earned money on tanning beds and products that will only make their skin aged prematurely. It is common to see women on the beach whose skin look dark, rough and leathery. That is the result of incessant sun bathing and tanning beds. Normally such people look old more than their real age. Getting a spray tan will make your skin look younger and healthy.

Airbrush spray tan looks natural and it is safe too. You don’t have to worry about skin cancer, aging, wrinkles etc. Although, there are different kinds of lotions available in the market today that can give you a fake tan, but the result they produce is not always the best. Most of these lotions produce a streaky, stinky tan on your skin. Airbrush spray tan will give you a glowing, sun-kissed look that will last for a long period of time.

Airbrush spray tan is also cheap and you can have it all year round. You will no longer need to wait for the sun to come out in order to have your tan. You can obtain a good tan within 20 minutes and have your skin look glowing and radiant throughout the year. This is why you see a lot of people rushing to salons to obtain their spray tan. They are the class of people who knows the secret of how to look good. It will surprise you to know that this is the sole reason why celebrities look radiant and their skin glowing all year round. You can be like that too, if you choose to go for airbrush spray tan today.

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There are times you feel you need to reward yourself. This may happen as a result of having achieved or accomplished a goal that you consider to be a major land mark in your life. It can also be as a result of closing a great deal in your work place or office or making the right choice. Whatever it is, I think it is good to reward yourself whenever you feel happy and fulfilled with your accomplishments.

There are so many things you can do for yourself as a way of rewarding your efforts as you accomplish your set goals. You can buy clothes, shoes, bags, take a vacation etc. The list could go on and on. The best way to reward yourself is by giving back to your body. This means that you need to take care of your body. You need to go for beauty therapies to enhance your skin color. The best strategy for this is mobile spray tanning. This involves the use of spray guns and tanning solution that rightly fits your skin color to produce a glowing skin.

Mobile spray tanning affords you the opportunity to have your spray tan in the comfort of your home. Since you are rewarding yourself, there is no need to struggle or rush to a salon for a tan. Simply pick up your phone and search for the nearest one to your house. Fix an appointment with the spray tan technician and have him/her come to your home to spray you. Just sit comfortably and enjoy the spray, and when you are done check out the color of your skin. You will be surprised at how beautiful your skin will look. Not only that, you will be satisfied with the result and knowing that you have given yourself a reward that you truly deserve.

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Spray Tanning for brides

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Wedding is definitely the most special day of life and every bride will want to look at their best where photos can be muted with their radiance and beauty. The flattering glow of the skin can be attained by spray tanning which will ensure that the bride becomes the center of attraction on that special day. Let us take a look at what needs to be done before and during tanning for that special day.

Preparations for tanning
Spray tanning for wedding will call for some preparations. The bride needs to exfoliate the skin properly. Professional services must be called for assistance because this is big day. Proper exfoliation will help to remove dead cells and help to get a glow that is glorious and stays for a longer period of time. All services related to exfoliation like waxing, shaving, nail services etc. must be completed at least one day before tanning.

It is necessary to tan at least two days before the wedding. This is suggested mainly because of the fact that most of the spray tan lotions now consist of bronzers and they can easily enter the skin pores. When the bride sweats, these bronzers can come out and be visible from the white gown. The bronzers do not have staining property but they can look bad on the big day.

Actual Tanning
It is suggested that the actual spray tanning be done by professionals on that day. Self-tan must be avoided to ensure that there are no streaks and patches. The professionals will carry everything that is needed for spraying. They will have bathing cap for hair and they will have everything else the bride will need to get ready. They will ensure that tan is smooth and that the bride gets exactly what she wants. This will be completed quickly within 20 minutes.

After Tanning
After spray tanning, it is necessary for the bride to avoid water contact as long as possible. It is better that the bride takes her after-tan bath next morning to ensure that the tanning solution gets ample time to work on skin. Hard scrubbing of skin must be avoided until wedding is over.

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Using self-tanner: Steps to follow

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If you want to use self-tanners, you will have to make sure that you are following all the steps of self-tanning properly. There should not be any careless mistake because that will give you uneven tan which will look awkward. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Exfoliating skin
Make sure that you exfoliate your skin properly. This will remove dead cells from your skin and help the tanner to penetrate your skin properly. Dead cells on your skin can catch the tan product immediately resulting in uneven tan. Also ensure that you remove all your body hair before you apply tan. This will ensure that the skin pores are not blocked and the tanner can provide the maximum output.

Hydrate but make sure your skin is dry
Sounds conflicting but no, hydrating means nourishing your body cells (those are close to the skin surface) with enough water that they are not dry from inside. This is necessary because dry cells will quickly absorb the tan product and lead to dark patches. On the other hand, the skin must be completely dry on the surface. This means that you must wipe out any water on the skin surface. If water remains and you apply the tan product, it will lead to streaks, which will make you look funny. Self-tanners are not really water friendly. They should not be used in bathrooms that are steamy. They will not work properly.

Mixing with moisturizers
Self-tanners can work well in areas like keens and joints when they are mixed with some moisturizer. Keens, ankles and joints are generally the areas that are not very hydrated. Moisturizers mixed tanners are perfect for those areas because moisturizers will hydrate the cells in those areas and thereby allowing the tanners to work properly. In case you want a light shade all over the body, apply the moisturizer-tanner mixture all over your body instead of just the tanner.

No Immediate Shower
You must not go for immediate shower. The longer you wait the better it is because that will allow the tanner to work properly. If you are not planning a shower, don’t go to bed or put on clothing immediately either. The tanner needs time to work.

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Spray tan booths – A good alternative for summer

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Summer is a time when you will love to show parts of your skin and what can be better than a tanned skin that everyone will silently envy? You will probably think of going out under the sun in a bikini outfit to get a tan. Think again! The ultraviolet or UV rays of sun will be waiting for you outside to greet you. Good news, these rays are responsible for tanning your skin. Bad news, these rays are known to cause skin cancer! You need to rethink! Just to make it easier for you, you can go for spray tan booths – a good alternative for summer.

Spray tanning is a good alternative to sunbathing because it is natural and causes no harm to skin. This form of tanning is based on a natural ingredient that is known to give your skin a golden bronze hue. This ingredient is known as dihydroxyacetone or DHA and is extracted out of fermented sugarcane. There is no UV ray technology used in this method of tanning and hence, the question of skin cancer is completely ruled out. On the other hand, this method also avoids any kind of heat and as a result of this; the chances of skin burn are also eliminated.

The only thing that you need to think about is the use of tan accelerator. If a spray tan does not have DHA as active ingredient written on it, you will have to avoid that. This is because; spray tans with tan accelerators are known to irritate skin whereas DHA is medically proven to be the safest ingredient with no side effects.

At spray tan booths you will find professionals who will take you through the tanning process. The overall time required to spray the tanning lotion on your body will be no more than 20 minutes. They will ensure a smooth and radiant tan through proper spraying. You will be given instructions that are to be followed before and after the tanning process. So, you need to pay a first visit to these spray tan booths and learn what to do before tanning and then come back all prepared.

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The most popular way to get that California beach look – Spray tan!

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It appears to most people that all people in California have a permanent tan and that they spend all their time sunning on the beach. However the truth is that most of those tans are sunless tans that can be got at the nearest salon. Tanning salons are quite popular today and they have moved on from their traditional sun beds and formulas. Tanning solutions are now sprayed onto the skin and people can enjoy that wonderful bronze look without having to soak in the sun. This method of tanning is quite popular in California where tanning is quite popular.

From the absolute cookie brown looks to just the light tan perfect for parties, tanning is a beauty trend that is likely to go out of fashion. Spray tan California is quite popular with most of the people in the area. Spray tanning salons have cropped up all over the place and it is important to go to a good tanning parlor to get the right tanning treatment for one self. Tanning salons have tie ups with different formula partners that can help you in getting the perfect tan for yourselves. Some tanning solutions offer darker results than others and the type of tanning solution that you want depends on your taste.

Tanning formulas are safe and there are organic variants to suit the qualms of the most pessimistic of customers. Spray tanning allows for an even tan that cannot be told apart from a natural tan. The best part about these tans is that they save you from the harmful effects of a natural tan or a sun bed. These tanning solutions will seldom make you look orange and will ensure that you look healthy and radiant at any time of the year.

Spray tanning is immensely popular in California. For those who are shy or too busy for a spray tan can opt for a mobile spray tanning option where the tanning technician will perform the tanning treatment in the comfort of your own home. This treatment takes less than twenty minutes and does not involve any mess. With tanning solutions becoming more affordable more and more people are getting a spray tan that looks stunning and at the same time looks completely natural and even.
Sexy Spray Tanning

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Ways to lasting airbrush spray tanning

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Looking for ways to lasting airbrush spray tanning? You must have heard that spray tanning does not last for long. That’s true if you do not follow the rules. Follow the instructions and one tan can last for 2 weeks. Instructions are not very difficult to follow. Let us find out what can be done to get a lasting tan.

Shaving and exfoliating
Airbrush spray tan consists of DHA that reacts with the skin to give a beautiful tan in a natural way. However, DHA must be allowed to react with the skin properly. Shaving body hair is essential. This will ensure that body hair does not form a barrier between skin and tan lotion. You will also have to ensure that you exfoliate your skin properly. This will remove all dust and dirt particles and remove the dead cells on the surface of the skin leaving behind a soft, smooth and clean skin. This will allow tan lotion to nicely react with the skin.

Shower and cosmetics
After you exfoliate your skin, you need to take a shower so that unwanted residues on the skin are washed off completed. You will then have to dry up yourself properly and ensure that your hair is completely dry. Forbid yourself from using any kind of cosmetic after the shower. For example, body lotions, creams, perfumes etc. This is because, if you use them, they will again form a covering sheet on your skin, not allowing the spray tan to penetrate inside.

During and after tanning
It is true that you will feel a bit uncomfortable to take off your clothes completely during tanning. However, this is suggested because clothes will block spray tan from properly reacting with the skin. With no clothes, there will be no barrier and hence, better tanning! Once spray is completed, you need to wait for as long as possible before the next shower. Minimum requirement is 6 hours waiting time so that the tanning spray can get ample time to react with skin. One of the ways to lasting airbrush spray tanning is to wait till the next morning after spray and then go for a shower.

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