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What is a spray tan mobile service?

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If you are living somewhere in Southern California or areas close to it, your ears will not escape the words – ‘spray tan’. This is the sunless tanning method which has become extremely popular is the past few years. This method is popular because of two broad reasons. First, it is a sunless method which uses UV free technique and hence, you will not be exposed to any harmful ultraviolet radiation which you would otherwise face under the sun. Second, the method ensures that the lotion used is skin friendly and that the tan stays for two weeks. So, what is a spray tan mobile service? This is nothing but spray tan services provided directly at home, office or any other place of your choice.

About spray tan mobile service:
With mobile service, you are not required to go out to the salon. You can call the salon of your choice and ask for a mobile service appointment. The salon will send a high qualified person to your preferred location on the date and time of appointment. The professional will provide the tanning service and then leave. There is no fuss in it.

What is required for mobile service?
Spray tan mobile service has a few criteria that you need to fulfill in order to enjoy tanning at home or any other place of your preference. You need to ensure that the place where the tanning service will take place is at least 7×7 ft in size. This is because; a temporary portable tent will be erect in the place. The place also needs to be well lit so that the professional who comes for the service gets enough light to see whether he or she is accomplishing the tanning task properly or not.

There are some prerequisites to mobile spray tanning. First, you need to remove your body hair completely. Second, you need to exfoliate your skin. Third, you need to take a bath at least 8 hours before the professional arrives. Fourth, you need to ensure that hair is desert dry before tanning. Fifth, from the time you take bath till the time tanning completes, you cannot apply any cosmetic product on your skin.

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The convenience of custom spray tan over others

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In Today’s world everybody wants convenience at whatever cost, especially when it comes to skin beauty. In time past many people with various skin types have complained about the frequency and the conveniency of going to the salon for a tan. But, that is no more as there is a remedy. Custom spray tan is the solution that offers you complete solution at one stop. Here is the magic wand:

1. With custom spray tan, you have the attention of certified tanning technicians at your service for guidance and proper application. All you need to do is to sit down and enjoy the tanning session while you wait for a glowing skin to emerge. Your technicians will also provide custom spray tan treatment that will give you a very good touch and keep you coming back again and again.

2. Custom spray tan gives attention to details. It ensures proper coverage of all of the main and hidden areas of the body, you know what this means! No need to worry about some vital parts of the body that you cannot cover with cream or lotion. Spray tan will get to hidden places like the back of your knees, elbows,hands etc.

3. Custom spray tan also produces an even tan by the time it develops. It doesn’t look streaky or orange because a high quality of spray tan solution is used and also applied by a trained expert.

Are you still thinking of where and how to tan? Relax, don’t look any further. Pitch your tent with Sexy Spray spray tan today and you will be glad you did. Do not visit any tanning shop except it has a custom tan with an experienced technician for that superb tan you have ever dreamed of.

What other tanning experience are you waiting for? Go for a custom spray tan and discover the true you at your convenience.

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Tips on how to throw a Spray Tan Party

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A spray tan party is an incredible way of obtaining a golden tan with your friends while eating snacks and drinking wine. Below are the tips that will help you to have a great fun filled spray tan party with your friends in your house or any place you choose to have it.

1. Invite your friends with an invitation cards or an E-vite
Search for the addresses of friends you want to invite to your tan party. Choose a good looking invitation cards or an E-vite and write the time, venue, date and dress code of the tan party. Advice your friends to wear dark colour, loose fitting clothes so as to prevent the tan solution from staining them.

2. Look for a professional mobile spray tan technician
You need the services of a professional spray tan technician in order to obtain an excellent tan with no flaws whatsoever. You can always get one where you live. For example if you stay in any area in Southern California, you can call on Sexy Spray tan. We offer excellent services and our spray tan equipment is of high quality.

3. Demarcate the area for spray tan
You need to choose an area in your house where the spray tan party will take place. This will help you to confine the area so that the solution will not spread to everywhere. Most mobile spray tan experts have a tent with which to confine the area for the spray tan. This will enable your guests to feel comfortable and will also spare your floor from spray tan solution.

4. Prepare or order for themed snacks and drinks
You need to prepare or order snacks like cupcakes, cookies and low calories drink such as wine spritzer to help put everyone in the mood for the tan party. You can also buy small umbrellas for the drinks to make it look like the beach.
Spray tan parties is a great way to have fun while you get that bronze and glowing tan with your friends and loved ones. You can take a picture after the tan has fully developed to keep the memory alive.

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3 great ways to Get Rid of a Spray Tan

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Spray tan is a good option for people who do not have enough time to stay in the sun and those avoiding the harmful effects of the sun on their skins. However, it is not everybody that gets it right during the spray tanning session. For some people, things can go wrong and they come out looking scary. The best thing to do in such scenario is to remove the tan. There are three good ways to get rid of a spray tan and they are exfoliating, using baby oil and swimming,

The first way you can get rid of a spray tan is to use baby oil to moisturize your body. Baby oil contains ingredients that will likely lighten your tan and get rid of it. This works best if you are almost at the end of your tan and the only noticeable thing on your skin is patches of dark areas. All you need to do is to keep rubbing it on your skin three times daily and then take a shower before going to bed.

Secondly, you can exfoliate. When you do that, you remove the outermost layer of the skin which contains dead cells. Although, you cannot get rid of it all if it is still fairly new, but it will greatly reduce on the first two days, if you keep at it. Also, use a rough material like loofah instead of a towel. To hasten the result, stay in the bath tub for 10 minutes before rubbing with the loofah. This will easily remove the dead cells on the skin.

Another way to get rid of your tan is by swimming in pools. You have to stay in the pool for as long as possible. This will allow the chlorine in the water to react with the tan thereby making it look very light.

If you check out the points above, they are all what should be avoided by people who want to prolong their tan. So, by doing it in the opposite way, you can get rid of your tan very easily. What are you waiting for, go look for a bottle of baby oil, exfoliate on daily and stay as long as possible in the swimming pool and before long you will be amazed at how easy it is to get rid of tan.
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Considerations for spray tan while pregnant

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Are you pregnant? If the answer is yes, it is natural that you like to take care of your body so that no harm can touch your baby. Pregnant women generally have higher concern about their babies and hence, they prefer not to go out under the sun for sun bathing to get a tan. This is because; prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun can possibly cause skin cancer and can also harm the baby. It is because of this, pregnant women generally look for alternatives which are medically proven to be harmless. Spray tan is one such method. But still, pregnancy is the time when you need to watch out for even the most remote possibilities of dangers.

Factors to consider about spray tanning while pregnant:
First: It is very essential that if you opt for spray tan while pregnant, you need wear a face mask. This is to ensure that none of the spray materials make their way to the respiratory system which can lead to problems for the unborn baby. You need to insist on one even if the technician says it to be safe to tan without a mask.

Second: When you are pregnant, you body undergoes enormous amounts changes. The most visible being the stretching of your belly skin. It is because of this, you must always ask the technician to use some solution that has nutritious value as far as skin is concerned and that can moisturize your skin and make it soft and elastic to help your body adjust to the changes that take place every day.

Third: ‘What’s safe here is not safe there’! This is typical paradox that you need to deal with. Spray tan products can vary from one place to another considerably. While in one place, certain ingredients may be considered to be safe for you and your unborn baby, in another place, it may not be same! It is better you cross check and if you have any concerns about spray tan while pregnant, you can ask your doctor. No one can be a better guide than your physician who will know exactly what ingredients are good for your coming child and which are not.

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A healthy spray tan option for men

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Did you know that almost 30% of customers getting a spray tan are men? Male sunless tanning is quite the trend. To get that perfect beach or outdoor skin tone for special occasions spray tan is a great option. To get that perfect tanned look all you need to do is get a spray tan treatment. It is a onetime treatment and the effect lasts for a week. The entire process can be completed in 5 to 20 minutes, if you are uncomfortable visiting the salon. then tanning technicians can also make a house call.

Sun bathing can expose one to harmful UV radiation which is known to increase the risk of skin cancer or melanoma. Why take the risk when there is the healthy spray tan option. The products used do not have harmful side effects and since they work with the dead skin cells layer on the skin, they get eventually washed off.

In a full body spray tan the technician will apply the tanning solution on the body with the help of a spray gun. This can also be achieved by specialized tanning booths where the spray nozzles are machine operated. Once the tanning solution is applied, you need to wait for the tan to develop. It is simply a matter of waiting and does not require any special effort. You only need to be careful about not staining your upholstery or expensive clothes. It is important to avoid heavy exercising, shaving and showering during the first eight hours of the application. Once the tan is developed, you do not have to bother about anything. Depending on the skin type the tan lasts for about a week. Once the tan is completely faded, you just need to take a bath and buff your skin with a towel to get rid of any tan.

A healthy spray tan option for men will leave an even and natural looking tan that is perfect to give you that extra lift for a photo shoot or a party. Often clients are dragged in for a tan by their girlfriends or spouses but then end up coming on their own for a tanning session.

At Sexy spray tan we offer excellent spray tan services for your birthdays, prom, wedding, spa parties etc. You can also call us for your home spray tan services. We are the best when it comes to spray tanning. Try us today and you will be glad you did.

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Be the Center Of Attraction in Your Girls’ Night In With Spray Tan

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Women beauty is always captivating and their natural beauty is the best jewelry they can have. You know it, don’t you? If you are planning for your girls’ night, you need to be at your best. Your beauty must not only mesmerize others but also leave them with awe and jealousy. The dirty truth is that even diamonds will look pale if you lack a vibrant skin. Be the center of attraction in your girls’ night in with spray tan. Evoke the radiant glow that no one can ignore!

You will need professionals:
To be the center of attraction in your girls’ night in with spray tan, you must call for professional tanning services such as Sexy spray tan. Our professionals know what kind of tan you need and how to tan. Be assured that spray tan will not harm you. The UV free technology and the natural ingredient – the DHA will only make you beautiful by improving the skin texture giving it a golden bronze hue that will make you the most envied damsel in the night. The SPF formula will protect and nourish your skin and make it smoother than ever. Our professionals will spray your skin with DHA or the di-hydorxy acetone – an extract from fermented sugarcane. How we will spray will depend on how much tanning you want. If you are looking for light tan, we will use the spray accordingly and if you are looking for a dark tan, that will be accomplished too! Our matchless Professionals will take 20 minutes and DHA will take 5 to 6 hours to give you the skin that everyone will want to touch and admire.

Homework time:
The tanning process by Sexy spray tan professionals is a detailed one. However, you need some good time to prepare for it, to prepare to be the center of attraction in your girls’ night in with spray tan. You will have to ensure that you get rid of your body hair, remove dead cells from your skin using some exfoliating agent and take a shower at least 8 hours ahead of tanning process. Cosmetics of any kind cannot be used after shower and before the tanning process.

Embracing the beauty:
Once spraying is completed, you need to wait for 5 to 6 hours for the DHA to be soaked by the skin. It is only then the golden brown hue will appear. Take a shower to remove bronzer, if any, used with the spray and in your girls’ night, you will be the princess!

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Have a Great Spray on Tan At Home Safely

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It may be your wedding, it may be your anniversary, it may be a social gathering, it may be a birthday party or it may be just you and your person of dreams locked in a romantic silence – you will always want to look beautiful, you will always want your skin to be as radiant as the full moon, you will want to have the mesmerizing beauty that cannot escape any eye! Tanning can give you that golden glow. You can have a great spray on tan at home safely using Sexy Spray tan professional services.

Selecting the professional service:
Know your professional service provider. The provider must have knowledge of the climate and must be able to tan your skin accordingly, which never looks out of the world. The hot and dry climate of Southern California calls for indoor tanning that uses UV free technology and poses no threat to the skin either immediately or in the near future. The spray tanner must have SPF formulation that is skin friendly and it must have DHA that is extracted from fermented sugarcane. DHA makes your skin brown and radiant with a smooth finish naturally and takes 5-6 hours to take full effect after completion of spraying. Our team of professionally trained technician can give you the sun-kissed glowing skin you desire.

Select area:
If you are looking for a great spray on tan at home, you will not need yards of space. A small 7×7 ft space is enough to erect the portable tent carried by the professionals. The instruments used are small enough and carried in a portable bag. The area needs to be very well lit.

Optimize tanning experience:
For best experience, remove body hair completely before tanning. Exfoliate and take a refreshing bath at least 8 hours before tanning. During tanning, it is better not to wear clothes because clothing can actually prevent the skin from absorbing the tanning spray effectively. Remove any jewelry because they may also become a blockage to tanning procedure. You may choose to have a light tan or a dark tan. All you need to do is to let the professional know your preference.

Post tanning:
Some tanners may come with bronzers because DHA is a clear liquid and bronzers make it easy to find out the areas which are not sprayed. Spray tanning will take 15 to 20 minutes. Once complete, wait for 5-6 hours for the DHA to tan your skin and then take a shower. This will wash off the bronzer and leave your skin with a radiant glow. 


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There are different types of airbrush tanning solutions but all of them work the same way. They all work on the outer layer of the skin which is known as the epidermis.
Some people wonder why their airbrush tans spray does not stay up for long period of time. If you are one of them, you are not alone. The major reason why tans do not last long is because of your skin. When you apply a spray tanning solution to your skin, it affects the dead skin cells. It changes the proteins located in the dead skin cells to brown. Take a look at your skin under a microscope and you will be amazed at what you will discover. Under the power of a good microscope you will see a range of build up dead skin cells on the outer surface of your skin.

It is always good to exfoliate your skin before a tanning session. If you apply the tanning solution on your skin with lots of dead skin cells, you will obtain an uneven tan. This is because the tan solution will be absorbed into the ridges of the skin, and when it is time for the skin to undergo a natural exfoliation, it does that by rubbing off the piled up dead cells thereby leaving an uneven tan.

However, if you undergo exfoliation before the session, the dead skin cells will be reduced considerably, allowing the tan to enter and spread evenly on your skin. This will also prolong the time it takes for the dead skin to build up so that the tan can last longer. But, the dead cells will still build up with time as the skin undergoes natural exfoliation process. When you notices patches on your skin, it is time to exfoliate and undergo another tanning session.
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Does spray tan cover stretch marks?

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Having a stretch mark that is visible to everyone can be a little bit devastating. This is the reason why people with this problem are always looking for solutions to either cover it up or totally remove it. Most women have stretch marks most especially after giving birth to children. It is usually very hard and difficult to remove and many women have tried so many methods to try and hide it, but all to no avail. If you fall into this category, you don’t need to worry at all as you can use a good airbrush tan to cover it up.

It is possible to cover up your stretch marks by going to a spray tan salon to obtain a good airbrush tan that is evenly applied on the skin. Airbrush tanning, unlike sun bathing or other methods of tanning will produce a very even, dark colour on the skin. This will darken the colour of the stretch marks thereby enabling it to blend together with the rest of the skin. Your beauty technician should be able to blend the colour of your stretch mark with that of your skin. This is why you cannot do this at home on your own, you need the services of a professional technician to obtain a good and quality tan.

If you allow unprofessional persons to apply it for you, the beauty technician can apply too much color over the stretch marks in a bid to cover it up. This can further make the marks very visible and many people will notice it immediately.

In order for you to maintain properly covered stretch marks, you will need to reapply your tan solution immediately you notice it fading away. If you allow your tan to fade before your reapply, the stretch marks will be very visible again.

So, yes, stretch marks can be covered with a spray tan provided you maintain it. 

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