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Free spray tan coupon

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Many people look forward to having a spray tan someday, but are usually hindered or deterred by lack of money to do so. Not to worry, you don’t have to have enough money to obtain the look you so much desire. You can look out for free tan coupons available both online and offline to use for your spray tan session. Free spray tan coupons will enable you to make use of good spray tan equipments and accessories used by highly placed people in the society and at a very small amount of money. This implies that with a free spray tan coupon, you get to obtain that special, glowing look you have always dreamt of. The question now is how do you get a free spray tan coupon? Not to worry! Read on!

There are three good ways of obtaining a free spray tan coupon. The first one is through online websites. You will first of all have to search for the kind of products you will like to use for tanning your skin and then click through to visit the website. This is because so many companies advertise their coupons and freebies on their website. Once you get to the website, read and follow any instruction outlining how to get the free spray tan coupon.

Secondly, you can take a walk to any local tanning salon and ask for any ongoing special deal they might have for people to use their services. Most big spray tanning salons do offer special free spray tan coupons to attract more clients and make more money.

Thirdly, there are websites that specialises in discount coupons online. Some of these websites include,, etc. You can get more of these websites by searching through the search engine. Once you are there, you will see notice different kinds of free spray tan coupons you can apply for. Some of the coupons include products like bronzer creams, tanning products and spray tanning salons, tan booths etc.
You can now see how easy it is to obtain a free spray tan coupon for your tanning products and spray tanning sessions.

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Do you have a bad spray tan and are feeling depressed or moody about it? Don’t you worry. You can always fix your bad spray tan by following one of the procedures outlined below.

1. Get a self tanner lotion and apply it on the areas of your skin that is lighter in color. You need to select the right color for your skin as there are many different brands available. Before you apply the self tanning lotion, mix it with a body lotion to water down the effect of the tanning lotion. This will produce a very even skin tone. Ensure that the tanners match in color, otherwise, it will change to an orange glowing skin.

2. Look for a lemon juice and pour it onto a wash cloth to be scrubbed on the areas of your skin that is dark. The lemon juice will work on the area and lighten up the color within few minutes of application. Watch it closely so that you don’t produce a lighter spot than every other part of your body.

3. Rub baby oil on your skin for about 30 minutes and then wash it off with a lukewarm water. You can use an exfoliator to remove the oil. Exfoliators come in different types and prices. Make sure you choose the best one for your skin.

4. Mix baking soda with baby oil and rub it on your body. Ensure that the mixture looks like a toothpaste. Apply it on your body and allow it to stay there for about 15 minutes. Clean it off with a wash cloth. If there is no noticeable improvement on your skin, repeat the process again for the same amount of time. However, do not apply the paste on your face and neck.

With the prescriptions above, you can now see that having a bad tan is not the end of the world. It can always be corrected.

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Are spray on tans safe?

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It is normal for you to wonder whether spray on tan is safe. This has been a concern for many people who are new to spray tan. Maybe you are worried about the chemicals finding their way into the blood stream and harming your body functions, especially if you happen to be pregnant at the time of the spray. This is not true when it comes to spray tanning products. The active ingredient known as Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in most tanning solutions turns your skin brown. This substance is a simple carbohydrate derived from sugar cane or from fermentation of glycerine. DHA is not a dye but a chemical substance that reacts with amino acids on the outermost layer of your skin. The DHA’s effect on the body can last up to 10 days on the skin. DHA has been tested and confirmed not to be harmful to the surface of the skin.

The only precaution to take note of is that DHA must not get into the eyes or inhaled through the nose. Therefore, you must make sure that the spray does not get too close to your eyes, mouth or nose. To help you achieve this, you can wear lip balm, earplugs and nose plugs or filters. You can also hold your breath when the spray is close to your nose. You can afford not to spray tan your entire face and use a bronzer to match your face with the rest of your body.

Also, most spray tanning products contains Aloe Vera which is very useful to the body. Aloe vera is known to be useful in removing acne from the body after spray tanning. However, these two ingredients mentioned are not the only substances found in the spray tanning solutions. There are also other ingredients present in the solution. But as far as medical science is concerned, the active ingredients in the tanning solutions are not harmful to the body and so it can be said that tanning your skin is safe.

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Best indoor tanning lotion

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Indoor tanning lotions are very useful for speeding up the process of tanning. This is the way it works: when indoor tanning lotion is applied to the surface of the skin, it enhances the production of melanin, which in a way increases the flow of blood to the skin. Indoor tanning lotion provides no significant protection from the sun, therefore, you may still need to use a sunscreen when you are in the sun. There is a kind of tanning lotion known as sunless tanning lotions which can be used in the sun. An example of this is a tanning booth or bed.

The active ingredients found in most tanning lotions are Tyrosine and Melanin, tea oil, green tea extract and other natural oils. All these ingredients are combined together to build up on acrylic surfaces and not to cause damage to the skin. It is not advisable for you to use outdoor tanning lotion in a tanning bed because some ingredients in the lotion such as mineral oil are likely to cause damage to the surface of the acrylics.

Let us consider the two common type of tanning lotions i.e. Tingle and Bronzers.
Tingle is used to describe lotions which contain ingredients that aids or enhances the flow of blood to the surface of the skin. Whenever this type of lotion is applied to the skin, it generates a tingling sensation.

Bronzers come in two different types i.e. natural and cosmetic bronzers. Natural bronzers contains natural ingredients like riboflavin, caramel etc Natural bronzers produces a quick reaction to enhance the color of the skin but does not last for long as it can wash off while taking a shower. However, there are natural bronzer lotions which contain exotic extracts that enhances the tanning process.

Cosmetic bronzers on the other hand are majorly dihydroxyacetone (DHA). They work on the skin to produce a darker cosmetic color. It takes time to develop on the skin compared to natural bronzers. On a normal scale, it takes about 4-6 hours to generate a full color. However, to enhance the effect of cosmetic bronzers on the skin, it is good to have a base tan before using the bronzer. This will produce a more natural looking color on the skin. Cosmetic bronzers last for a longer period of time than natural bronzers.

With the information provided above, you are better informed on the type of lotions that is good and safe for use of your skin.
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The benefit of a spray tan

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Tan with StyleMany people around the world are using spray tan to obtain a glowing skin whether there is sun outside or not. This method is safe compared to sitting in the sun and allowing the ultraviolet rays cause skin cancer and other dangerous skin disorders. The benefits of using spray tan on the skin is numerous, however, few of them will be discussed in this article.

Easy to get an even and smooth skin
Spray tan produces a very balanced and streak-free finish after the spray. This is because the spray tan solution is sprayed unto the skin inform of a mist through a nozzle or a handheld machine. It is easy to experience a great level of success provided you go to a professional salon where an experienced beauty therapist will be at hand to apply the spray. This way, you get a very smooth tanned skin.

Spray any part of the body you want
With spray tan, you can obtain a tan on any part of the body you so desire. You may avoid the face, hands, feet and other hidden areas. This is not possible when you use the sun to tan your skin except if you will want to sun bath nude which may not be reasonable.

Easy to get a tan any time you want
Spray tanning is a good way of obtaining a tan whether you live in a place where the weather is not conducive for sunbathing or in winter months when the intensity of the sun is not strong enough to produce a natural tan on your skin. It provides a good alternative at any time you want to have a tan on your skin. There is no need to wait for the weather to change anymore, you get to enjoy a sun-kissed skin anytime and anywhere you want it.

Spray tan produce a better results than lotions and creams
The outcome of a spray tan is better than the ones obtained from using creams and lotions on the body. Also, the application procedure of a spray tan is easy and faster than that of creams and lotions. You can get a smooth and glowing skin with a spray tan, not a messy skin associated with creams and lotions.

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The best way to obtain a natural tan

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Long time ago, it was not an easy task to get a tan without the sun. After some time, traditional tanning equipment was developed. It is an equipment that employs the use of ultraviolet rays to produce an effect that is similar to that of the sun on the skin. However, there were some health concerns about ultraviolet rays. It is said to be harmful to the skin. This has led to the research and manufacture of other forms of equipment such as airbrush spray tanning device which is considered to be very safe for use on the skin.

Airbrush tanning method makes use of a chemical (dye) known as dihydroxyacetone also known as DHA. It is a carbohydrate derived from sugar cane. It was discovered by scientists a long time ago, but became popular as a tanning agent in recent time. It is considered safe as long as it is not inhaled through the nose or gets into the eye. To avoid this, it is proper to use a nose filter with careful application to the sides of the eye.

There are two types of airbrush used for spray tanning. The first one is known as the handheld airbrush equipment. It is very easy, cheap and also portable. The dihydroxyacetone is sprayed from the equipment manually. This operation need to be handled by an expert and trained operator in order to achieve the best result.

The second type of airbrush equipment is the spray tanning booths. It looks like the common telephone booth seen around the environment. The user is made to stand inside the booth while the equipment sprays the tanning ingredient on the surface of the body. One good thing about this equipment is that, it doesn’t require any professional input to achieve a good result. It is more expensive and is not portable as the handheld airbrush equipment.

In conclusion, with the information provided above, it is established that using airbrush tanning is very safe and you are now better informed to choose a good spray tanning equipment that is suitable for you. You can find more information about the equipment on this site and other online stores.


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“New! A Spray tan That Works Like Magic!”

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Spray tanning is the best method so far for obtaining a tan using artificial methods instead of the natural or the artificial ultraviolet lights. It is considered to be safer than ultraviolent lights which can harm the skin. Although, there are many claims that it is not safe, but it has been proven to be safe. The most active ingredient of a spray tan is dihydroxyacetone also known as DHA. This ingredient is a simple carbohydrate made from sugar cane and it has been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use and is regarded as nontoxic and noncarcinogenic.

There are different methods of obtaining a spray tan either professionally or alone at home. You can choose any method that is convenient for you.
Professionally, you can go to a salon to obtain a spray tan. There are different kind of spray tan products used and various ways of application. But all is geared towards achieving a look that is close to a natural tan. People visit salons because of their professional expertise. The professionals who work in salons are well equipped and trained to provided assistance to client on how to choose proper tone for their skins and the varying degrees of application needed to suits skin tones to generate or produce a natural look.

Alternatively, you can choose to have your spray tan alone at home by using self tanning products. They are available in stores online and offline. The only thing you have to be sure of is that the product will produce exactly what it claims. This is due to the fact that there are so many products on display in stores which will not really give you the desired result. You have to make sure you select the right color of tan for your skin. This is really important when choosing a self-tanning spray. Choosing a wrong color will give you a color that is too dark for your skin tone which in-turn will make your skin turn to orange color that will appear very unnatural.

A spray tan carefully chosen and applied will give you a natural looking skin regardless of where you live and the time of the year.

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