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Sunless spray tan: a safer and sexier alternative

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Sunless tanning has been popular for over half a century now. This is becoming popular because of the harmful effects of the suns radiation. Skin cancer and melanoma cases are on the rise and sun screen manufactures are raking in money. This has made it difficult for people to get the tan they choose without worrying about the side effects. Natural tanning also exposes you to the risk of getting a sun burn which is a painful condition. Sunless tanning has seen great advances and the products that are available today are harmless and offer tans that are almost indistinguishable from natural tans.

Sunless tanning comprises of any mode of tanning that does not require direct exposure to sunlight. The sunless tanning solutions included sun beds, tanning moisturizers, tanning liquids etc. The effectiveness of these tanning solutions vary and the results last from a week to just the evening. Spray tanning is one of the most widely used temporary tanning solution that is being used today. Spray tanning works by the reactions of the chemicals in the tanning solutions with the layer of dead skin cells on the body. This effect lasts until the skin sheds off the dead skin cells which are part of its regular process. Sunless spray tan is the safe and sexier alternatives to get a beautiful tan. The results are great and the even distribution of the tanning solution avoids streaking and other problems that are associated with normal tanning methods.

Professional who offers airbrush tanning solutions also have special airbrushes that can help in applying an airbrushed make up. This is the perfect way to get make up on as the results are even and completely flawless. Spray tanning allows for the application of the tanning product in the matter of a few minutes.

Sunless spray tans are the safer and sexier alternative for that perfect bronze summer look. Unlike sun beds which required people to lie in them for extended periods of time. Once the tanning liquid is sprayed on the person has to wait for about eight hours for the tan to develop. During this time they can continue to do their normal work. This solution is great for parties as you can get the tanning treatment applied on the morning of the party or the day before.


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Airbrush spray tan accessories

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Airbrush spray tanning has become extremely popular. Millions of people use this tanning method to get a perfect golden tan on their skin. Spray tanning can be done at salon or at home. At home, you can call for a professional home service or you can do it on your own. In case you are planning to tan your skin on your own, you will need to know about the tan equipment required along the airbrush spray tan accessories that you can use. Let us take a look at some of the spray tan accessories that you need to get with the tan equipment.

Of all airbrush spray tan accessories that you can get, you can select the ones that suit your requirement the best. Here is a quick list of those accessories. Remember that the list does not consist of the standard equipment which includes compressor, spray gun and the tan lotion.

Tent: You must consider getting a tent. These are portable lightweight tents which can be wall mounted or units that can be made to stand on the floor. Tents ensure that the spray does not stain anything close by.

Bronzer: The DHA based spray tan lotion is a clear liquid. When sprayed, it is difficult to spot the place which has been sprayed. You can get a bronzer which gives the spray a color, which can help you identify the sprayed spot. This is a
harmless chemical.

Disposable units: You may buy some disposable black bras, black thongs, hair nets and sandals.

Hand towels: They can just become handy for any use. Keeping them is a good idea.

Hand dryer: You can use this unit to quickly dry the sprayed areas. This is good when you are working with limited time.

Cups with lids: Keep a spare cup handy and make sure that it has a lid. This can be used for mixing the spray solution and the bronzer in case you fall short of the solution you made first time.

All these airbrush spray tan accessories can help you to get the best results and leave your skin with a beautiful afterglow.

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Get a Healthy Skin with a spray tan

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A thought of healthy glowing skin comes with the image of an evenly tanned skin. A well-tanned skin is even in its appearance, without any tan lines and smooth glowing skin. Everyone covets that beach look which comes from sunning for long hours. Suntans are quite popular in the California region and not all the suntans today are natural. Sunless tanning is very common today as it saves people from the harmful UVA rays of the sun. Spray tans are an excellent temporary tanning method. Spray tans give good results which leave the skin with an even color. Spray tan applies an even layer of the tanning solution which results in an even glowing skin while avoiding the traditional problems of streaking and uneven tanning.

Spray tanning is a simple process and the entire application process takes less than twenty minutes. Spray tanning solutions are made of harmless chemicals. They can be used frequently without any side effects. An airbrush spray tan allows for even tanning in hard to reach areas as well. This airbrush spray tan allows for masking of problem areas and enhancing other parts of the body. The airbrush spray tan gives the spray tan technician the ability to use warmer tones to hide cellulite or for painting on a six pack abdomen.

Spray tanning can be done at salons or at home. There is home spray tanning services where the spray tan technician carries out the spray tan at home. To get a healthy skin with spray tan, it is important to exfoliate well before the tanning process. It is also important to mask areas that are not meant to be tanned. A person should avoid wearing perfumes, deodorants etc. before getting a spray tan, as these products create a barrier between the tanning solution and the skin thus reducing their effectiveness. Once a spray tan is applied one has to wait about eight hours before they shower or do any activity which result in excessive sweating or contact with water. There may be some amount of staining from the tanning solution on the clothes but mostly these will wash off most fabrics with a quick rinse.

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Get a tan like a celebrity

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Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Penélope Cruz, Megan Fox, Salma Hayek, Demi Moore….The list continues! Don’t you ever dream of having radiant skin like them, skin that celebrities have, skin that you see on the Silver Screen?If answers to all these questions are yes, you need to get a tan like a celebrity! But the problem here is money! All celebrities spend thousands of dollars to keep their skin healthy and glowing. Not everyone will have that luxury and if you are not just as lucky as them, it never means you cannot have skin like them. There’s a cheaper, easier, safer and effective way of getting a radiant skin! Read on to find more…

If you think you can get a celebrity like tan by going out in the sun then, you are wrong! Sun tanning is a possible option by be ready to deal with threats of skin cancer! Sounds a bit terrifying but that is true. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are known for causing skin cancer. They can also cause sub burns or blisters, which can be mild or severe! Solarium tan also comes with similar risks. Because of heat and UV based technology, you can possibly contract skin burns and skin cancer. So, why take such risk for glowing skin like the celebrities? Such radiant glow is not worth the risk involved in these two options.

The only wild card that you have to get a tan like a celebrity is airbrush spray tanning. This method comes with only positive aspects. There are no known negative sides unless you use a tan spray that has tan accelerators instead of DHA or dihydroxyacetone as active ingredient. Here are the benefits:
• It is safe because the ingredient is DHA. It is natural and harmless and extracted from sugar.
• It is fast and easy to apply and takes a maximum of 20 minutes.
• It can be done at home or salon.
• It is cheap and costs no more than $50 per session.
• It lasts for 1 week to 2 weeks based on the natures of tan.
• It gives a natural tan with radiant skin.
So, if you want to get a tan like a celebrity, consider spray tan as your first and only option.

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How does your skin type affect tanning?

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Sunless tanning is a great way to get an even tanned look that will give that healthy bronze summer look. Tanning products work differently for different people. People with very fair skin like natural red heads should avoid using darker tanning products as they can easily make them orange and a dark tan will look abnormal on people who burn always and never tan.

There are different types of tanner available for different skin types. People who tan easily and rarely burn get great results from almost any kind of tanning solution. However for people who burn easily and tan a little they can get better results with sunless tanning that with natural tanning.

Sunless tanning works great for a lot of people. However it is important to note that different skin types reacts differently to tanning treatments and one should not expect uniform results. Sunless tanning offers different solutions for different skin types. Not everyone is going to look good with a dark tan. Often using too dark a tan can cause skin discoloration and which can make a person look pale yellow or orange. This makes fake tans look really bad. On the other hand people who can naturally get a good tan should be careful and avoid causing long term problems like early aging of skin and other skin conditions caused due to sustained overexposure to the sun.

Sunless tanning experts categorize different skin types ranging from Type 1 to Type 5. There is a different level of tanning that is recommended for each of these groups. Type 1 do not require excessive tanning as it will look unnatural and there is a good chance that dark tans will leave them looking orange. Type 2 skins can take on some amount of tanning that will give them a nice healthy glow. Even they cannot opt for too dark a shade as it will look bad. Type 3 and Type 4 skin types can take on almost any shade of tanning. Type 4 might need some amount of tan normally to look glowing and healthy. A good trained professional tanning technician will be able to guide their clients onto the shades that will work well for them.

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How to prevent white spots while tanning

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No kind of contrast is good while tanning. The smoothest and the best of tanning colors can end up looking ridiculous if one has got streaking. This happens because people often end up not allowing their tans to develop fully before carrying out activities involving water.

Some examples of what not to do after a spray tanning treatment is not to allow water to fall on the tan after your tanning treatment. If this is allowed, it your legs can end up looking like a polka dotted leg. Another important point is to not touch water. This includes mothers who give their children baths after a tanning treatment. This can result in no tan being present on your forearms. This also applied when you have a hair appointment right after a spray tan appointment. The shampooing of the hair can make the areas above the forehead wet and result in a white ring after the tan develops. These can make a good tan look bad and fake. It is necessary to be patient while the tan develops.

Applying deodorants on the day of the tanning treatment is generally a bad idea as deodorants do not wash off easily and can result in white underarms. Likewise once the tanning solution dries off it is important not to apply deodorant immediately after. Tanning technicians will apply some powder on the customers after the treatment and this should keep them comfortable for a while. Heading to the medicine cabinet right after these treatments can result in some very bad looking tans. This can take a week to wear off.

Another simple task that helps in retaining the tan for longer and keeping it even is to exfoliate well before a tanning session. This gives the tan a good even layer of skin to develop on and the tan stays for longer as the skin cells shed at an even pace. Moisturizing once the tan develops helps in keeping the tan on for longer. This is a good way to increase the life of the tan. Once the tan is close to wearing off, one can avoid an uneven look by soaking in a hot tub for a while and then buffing their skin well with a towel to remove any of the remaining tan.

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How to tan your underarms

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Spray tan is a great way to get an even looking radiant skin. Spray tanning professionals are able to give their clients a completely even tanned look and the shades that are available today can ensure that a person never looks orange. To get a good spray tanning done it is important to get the tan applied only from very good professionals. There are a lot of locations that offer spray tanning solutions. It is important that a person only uses a good tanning service to ensure an even tan and that the best spray tanning solutions are used.

To ensure longer life of a spray tan it is important to allow the tan to develop properly. It is also necessary to moisturize every day to allow for the tan to retain its luster and not cause uneven tanning. An airbrush spray tan allows for a smooth and even tan. This works for even hard to reach areas like underarms. Traditionally this spot is often neglected and this can completely ruin the tanned look. In tanning any kind of contrast is bad. It is important to not do anything that can cause the tan to develop improperly.

To tan the underarms, tanning professionals use an airbrush to spray the tanning solution on the area. They may also apply some powder once the tanning solution dries off to ensure that there is less sweating and less problems of the tanning solution running off. Once the tan develops it is important to moisturize every day as often people neglect moisturizing their underarms. To get the best out of a tanning treatment it is important to not use deodorants, perfumes etc. on the day of the tanning. Deodorants are not easy to wash off and using them before or after the treatment can reduce the effectiveness of the tanning treatment

Spray tanning is a great way to get a smooth and even tan. This tanning method can be used safely and using an airbrush especially will help in getting a smooth and even tan. The solutions available today ensure that one looks naturally tanned and not orange.

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Side effects of spray tanning and how to avoid it

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Spray tanning is great to sport that tan without the harmful effects of the suns radiation. Spray tanning is perfect for those who are sensitive to sun and crave that tan looked. Spray tanning is a safe alternative to natural tanning and sunbeds with very few side effects.

One of the primary side effects of a spray tan is that the coloring of the final tan depends on the original skin color of the person. The solution causes lighter tanning on fairer people than others. The application of the tanning solution on a wet skin can results in an uneven tan.

Tanning solutions can rub off on clothing. Hence it is best to avoid wearing much clothes till the tan dries off and then it is better to wear loose fitting cotton clothes. These tanning solutions wash off easily however the tanning solutions can leave behind tough stains on fabrics such as nylons.
It is important to allow the tan to develop for eight hours before indulging in water based activities. This includes getting your hair washed at a salon as it can leave behind a white ring on the forehead. Indulging in water based activities can result in the tan not developing properly.

Another side effect is that an improperly applied spray tan can cause streaking. This looks really bad. Well trained tanning technicians are able to use the right techniques to get an even tan that looks terrific. The bronzers that are used help act as a guide which can let the technician know which areas have been sprayed on.

Once a tan begins to wear off, it can wear off unevenly if the coloring of the tan was too dark. It is important to clean out this uneven tan properly to allow for a more even fading.

There are some concerns about the DHA that is being used for spray tans. DHA is approved for topical use by the FDA. They are however not approved for usage in the mucous membrane and around the eyes. Thus using a nose plug and covering the eyes is recommended for frequent users of spray tans.

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Spend less time with Airbrush tanning

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How much time are you willing to spend for tanning to get a golden glow on your skin? Days? What happens if you suddenly get an invitation for some event and you barely have a day’s time to get yourself ready? You can’t really go for sun tanning or solarium tanning, can you? You need something that is fast, reliable and safe. Here comes spray tanning. You can spend less time with airbrush tanning. This tanning is the fastest known tanning method where you are not exposed to harmful ultraviolet radiations or even heat!

If you don’t really have much time and need instant tan, you will have to opt for airbrush spray tan. You need to make some preparations before tanning. You need to shave your body hair, exfoliate your skin and take a fresh shower to moisturize your skin. This needs to be done at least 4 to 5 hours before the tanning process. Ensure that once you take a shower, you must not use cosmetics like body lotions, creams or sprays and perfumes if you want to spend less time with airbrush tanning.

Once that time is covered, spray tan will start and will take only 20 minutes to spray the tanning lotion on your body. This is generally done by a professional but if you have the equipment at home, you can do it yourself. After spraying is completed, you need to wait for a few hours for the lotion to react with your skin and then take a shower. This is generally suggested to be a minimum of 6 hours. The longer you wait, the better it is. It will be best if you can wait for next morning and then go for a shower to get your golden glow.

Assuming that you want to go for the minimum, you can have your tan in less than 11 hours – 4 hours before tan, 20 min for spraying and 6 hours after tanning! That makes it 10 hours and 20 minutes for getting a golden glow on your skin. The maximum you need will be less than 24 hours! Even with the maximum, you will spend less time with airbrush tanning than any other tanning method available.

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Use airbrush tanning equipment at home

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Do you think that $50 per session for airbrush tanning is a bit costly for you? If so, you have an alternative that you can deploy to get your golden tan all year round without spending money in tanning salons! You can use airbrush tanning equipment at home. This will save you money in more than one way. You don’t need to pay the salon, you don’t need to drive down to the salon and hence save some gas for your car and you can save some time that you spend while on your way to salon and back home!

Technology has reached new heights and it is continuously improving. You can find advanced and simple to use airbrush tanning kit in market. It comes with an airbrush gun, the tanning lotion and the compressor. These kits are available in various prices and are made by many manufacturers. Hence, you can actually get one that suits your budget. There will be instructions provided by the manufacturer on how to use airbrush tanning equipment at home.

Be ready to waste some tanning solution at first until you can tan your skin with ease. The best way to work with the kit is to practice the same on a big piece of cardboard. Practice spraying in one direction only and make sure that you do not spray any area too much. If you are not able to reach some parts of your body, you can call for some assistance from your family members, friends and neighbors, provided they are helpful. By using the equipment at home, you can retouch your tan whenever you want right from the comfort of your home.

When you use airbrush tanning equipment at home, you can have some extra benefits too. For example, you can use a side business and charge less than what salons do and tan your neighbors and friends. This will help you to earn some money, which you can look upon as a return on your investment on tanning equipment! Spray tanning others will also help you master the art of spraying over time. What do you think? Isn’t it worth giving a try?

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