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Best Fake Tanning Method

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Tanning has always been intriguing, especially for women. If you are looking for the best fake tanning method, you need to know that there are three different methods available. However, not all of them are good. This is the reason why you need to find the best one. Let us find out which one among the three is the best.

Tanning Creams
This generally is a great method provided you can do it correctly. In this method, you will come across creams, which you can apply over your skin to a get a natural looking tan. However, there are several problems to this method. They are mentioned below:

There are high chances that you will end up with improper tanning. You will not realize this beforehand. Only when few hours are gone, you will find uneven patches and streaks here and there that will give you an odd look. It is because of this, you will have re-do the whole thing right from the beginning. If you aren’t a professional, there are high chances that you may not succeed even on the second attempt.
Your palms will be coated too!

Tanning Beds
This is very risky. Tanning beds do give a nice natural looking tan but the process cannot be considered as the best fake tanning method. This method makes use concentrated ultraviolet rays which are known to be harmful and can cause skin cancer. There is no doubt that you will prefer staying tan-free instead of walking into the risk of contracting skin cancer.

Tanning Lotions or Spray Tanning
This is the best fake tanning method that you will get. A lotion is sprayed on the skin using spraying guns. The lotion consists of DHA or dihydroxyacetone as an active ingredient. Sometimes bronzers are also added only to ensure that tanning is done evenly and that no uneven patches are created. The lotion is completely harmless and skin friendly and the method takes no more than 20 minutes to complete.

Therefore, if you are in search for a best method of fake tanning that looks beautiful, spray tanning is the one that you must go for.

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Faking a Tan – Methods That Can Be Used

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If you are planning on faking a tan, you cannot opt for sunbath for sure. However, you can actually go for UV tanning with tanning beds but they are not so healthy because UV rays can cause skin cancer. So, what are the alternatives? Keep reading! We intend to find out the same.

Professional Custom Spray Tan
You will often find people referring to something called airbrush tan. This is the same as professional spray tan. This method works best when you allow a professional spray tan expert to work on your skin. However, you have to remove your clothes and put on something simple, such as a bathing suit. This is to allow the solution get into the vital parts of the body to produce the look of a goddess with a golden hue. This type of tanning is perfectly smooth with no streaks or patches and no funky colors. You will be sprayed everywhere! Don’t feel bad. That’s the way it works.

Cheaper Booth Spray
This is yet another method of faking a tan. Here, you will have to pay less. You can enjoy a tan at a very cheap rate. It is good with no streaks and patches and gives a pretty smooth tan. However, the same problem exists here too. You need to be stand naked and someone will be spraying you everywhere. Your hair will be protected with shower cap. Here, the feet may not have complete coverage and give you blotchy feet. Your call!

Here are its qualities: it is the cheapest and you are not required to become naked in front of anyone. You can do this on your own. There are many self-tanning products available in the market for faking a tan. However, self-tanning generally gives streaks, patches and unwanted color. Sometimes you end up applying more and sometimes you fail to apply! Oh yes, how about reaching your back? Think!
You can also use bronzers or make up for tanning but they are best only when you want wear something that will cover every inch of your body except your face, neck and some part of your chest. They aren’t good for the whole body.

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Few Mistakes of Self-Tanning

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Whenever summer comes close after long chilling winters, you think of a tan to hide your pale skin behind the gorgeous golden glow. However, if you really want to do it yourself, you need to avoid a few mistakes of self-tanning. Let us help you with a list of mistakes that you cannot afford to make.

Avoid Streaks
This is the most common mistake. Most people end up having streaks because of uneven spraying. This looks awkward and can be very embarrassing. You do not really want to end up looking like a colorful zebra! So, when you are spraying, make sure that you maintain sweeping motion and ensure that it is wide. Every sweep must overlap the other one. Better to get a bronzer along with the spray. Bronzer will help you to identify the areas that have not been sprayed. This will help you to avoid streaks.
You don’t want your hands to be tanned!

You may make use of makeshift applicator or glove and still end up with your hands tanned! This is one of the greatest mistakes of self-tanning. You can avoid this. You need to take double protection. Wear a pair of plastic gloves first and then use a mitt. However, in case you find that you are unable to protect your hands even after double protection, make sure you wash your hands immediately.

Dark Patches – They are Weird
If your skin is dehydrated, you are more likely to develop dark patches. This is because, dry skin will absorb more of the tan spray than hydrated skin leaving dark patched. You can consider hydrating your skin with some moisturizer a day before tanning. On the tanning day, take a proper shower for as long as possible. Remember that dark patches are one of the biggest mistakes of self-tanning.

Don’t Look Like an Orange
There are some fake tanning solutions which may end up giving you an orange tone! So, you need to look for some that comes with green tint. However, if you fail to make out the difference and use one that gives orangey tone and you realize the mistake after you have already applied it, take a shower as quickly as possible and this shall take off some of the color, at least making it look decent.

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How to Pick Good Tanning Salons

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How to pick good tanning salons? This is the biggest question that haunts everyone because; if tanning is not done properly, you will not look beautiful but instead, it will make you a laughing stock! Here are a few tips that will help you to find out the good ones.

The first thing that you need to look for is, package offers. Professional and reputed salons will know that tanning is something that you will look for on a routine basis. This means, you will be tanning frequently to ensure that your skin looks healthy and beautiful. Package offers can greatly reduce prices and thereby help you to retain your beauty at affordable pricing. Compare package deals offered by different salons.

Variety and Technology
A good salon will always offer a variety of tanning options, ranging from UV tanning to fake tanning using sprays and lotions. They will also make use of the most advance tanning equipment to ensure that tanning can be completed quickly and effectively without causing any physical harm. However, avoid UV tanning beds because, they are anyways not very safe.

This is one very important factor! You can pick good tanning salons on the basis of recommendations you get from you friends and family members. You can see them for real and find out the tan quality by yourself. This is not very difficult to do.

Review Websites
Almost everyone in this world makes use of Internet. You can browse the web to find out review sites where real users have given review about several tanning salons. Salons which have higher number of negative reviews are not good! Reviews will generally be based on professional yet warm behavior, tan quality, equipment etc.

Hygiene always needs to be a big factor when you try to pick good tanning salons. You are definitely not going to walk into an unhygienic place. Equipment must be properly sanitized and the salons must adhere to other healthy practices like keeping the floor clean, keeping the air fresh inside the saloon etc.

Finally, how far is the salon from your home and do they provide some extra goodies? This can be a big factor.

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Tanning Bed Bulbs – Everything You Need To Know About Them

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Tanning bed bulbs are special bulbs that are used in tanning beds for emitting ultraviolet rays. These bulbs or lamps are available as different types. Differences may occur in terms of the amount of ultraviolet rays emitted and also in terms of compatibility with various types of tanning beds. The bulbs require high maintenance to extract maximum output from the tanning beds.

Necessary things to keep in mind
The bulbs generally come with a maximum usage life. This means, after a certain period of time, these bulbs must be replaced with a fresh lot. Tanning bed users must have the knowledge of replacing the bulbs.

To ensure that the bulbs survive through the whole functional life, users must learn about compatibility and ensure that proper guidelines are followed in terms of maximum wattage allowed. Sometimes, tanning beds can be regulated and hence, the manufacturer will ensure that a proper compatibility guideline is provided. This compatibility guideline needs to be submitted to health inspectors of the state. When it is time to replace the bulbs, the new set needs to have the same compatibility as the older lot. In case an individual uses the sunbed at home with no regulation for tanning equipment, using any tanning bed bulbs will do as long as wattage of the bed ballast and wattage of the bulbs is the same.

Manually it cannot be determined when to replace the bed bulbs. There is an equipment called UV Light Meter, which helps is finding out whether the bulbs need to be replaced or not. This meter can also be used to find out whether the bulbs are performing the way they are supposed to or not. If the total output of the bulbs drops to 70% from 100%, they must be replaced.

The higher the wattage of the tanning bed bulbs, the quicker they need to be replaced. A 100W bulb will last for 1000 hours maximum whereas, a 200W bulb must be replaced after 700 hours maximum. The prices of these bulbs vary and can range from $10 to $17 a piece. Price is determined by wattage, compatibility etc.

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Age and Tan Color: The Correlation

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As your age climbs the ladder with every second, your body goes through different phases of transformation. One of the most visible of all the changes is the change in your skin. Since your skin changes, so must your tanning requirement. The same tan color cannot be used for all ages and skin types. Let us take a quick look into the relationship between age and color of tan so that you can make informed decision the next time you crave for a sun-kissed skin!

20’s mean deep tan!
Women in their 20’s have hydrated skin naturally. This is the time when they can go for dramatic tan colors. At this age women can pick up tans that are lotion-based. Light shades go well for pale skins. Those who have medium-olive skin can always go for mid-tone tans. Deeper bronzes are suitable for those with darker skins. Too rich products must be avoided to prevent skin breakouts. When lotion-tones are applied with care, they can last for 10 days. Foam mitt must be used while applying tan and application must be done with long sweeping movements. For spots like knees, the lotion must be mixed with moisturizers for a perfect blend.

Multitasking 30’s need to glow
In 30’s women are busy. They run around doing multiple things. They need to spend some time in taking pre-tan care for their skin. Exfoliating skin and moisturizing it properly is necessary for avoiding streaky tan. Spray tan is perfect at this stage. The airbrush spray applicator allows precision and can be applied quickly. Long sweeping overlapping strokes must be used for tanning.

40’s Don’t Need Deep
Deep tan colors in 40’s are not good. It will only make women look aged. The tan must only be darker than your natural skin color by only a couple of shades. This will help to retain the golden hue. For a lighter shade on face, the tan can be mixed with some day cream in 1:1 ratio.

Finishing at 50’s
At 50’s women need to go for proper finishing! Tanning at this age is about luxury for the skin and not about colors. At this age the skin must feel radiant and soft. Tanners which can create light and flattering shade are perfect for this age.

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Getting a bronze hue without cancer threat

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Getting a bronze hue for your skin is possible in a number of ways. The traditional method is to go out under the sun and expose your body to the sunrays. The UV rays in the sunlight will give you a tan that will make your skin radiate the golden bronze hue. However, sadly enough, this is risky because the UV rays can cause sunburns and to their worst, they can cause skin cancer. You will definitely not want this.

How to get a bronze hue without cancer threat?
The best method which is also the safest is to go for fake tan, which is also known as airbrush tan or spray tan. This method uses DHA as the active ingredient of the tanning solution. DHA is a natural ingredient that is extracted from sugarcane by the method of fermentation. DHA or dihydroxyacetone can easily tan the skin without any side effects and the threat of cancer is completely ruled out.
In this method, you will have to first exfoliate your skin and remove all your body hair and ensure that your skin is well hydrated. What happens with these three? Here is what happens:

Exfoliation will help to remove dead cells from the uppermost surface of the skin and thus help the spray tan solution to penetrate properly.

Shaving body hair will ensure that skin pores are not blocking the spray tan solution from entering the skin.

Properly hydrated skin will ensure that no dark patches are formed. Dark patches occur when areas of skin are not properly hydrated. Those areas are dry and they absorb more tanning lotion causing dark patches.

Once the spray tanning is completed, you cannot get in touch with water for at least 6 hours. Longer the waiting time, getting a bronze hue will be easier. It will be best if you can wait overnight before taking your after-tan shower. If you are considering getting a bronze tone evenly throughout your body, you cannot afford to wear any clothes during tanning. This may be a little uncomfortable but that is worth it because of the beautiful golden bronze hue that you will get.

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Retaining Holiday Tan for a Longer Period

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When on a holiday, it is possible that you will be going for a tan to look gorgeous and attractive. However, when you come back, it may just fade away quickly. Don’t want that to happen? Here are a few tips which will help you to retain the tan for a longer period of time.

Essential tips
While returning home, you will probably take plane and AC cabs. This will make your skin very dry and leave it flaky and desiccated. It is therefore advised to apply after-sun lotion to keep your skin hydrated. Also keeping an emergency water spray is good in case your skin becomes very dry. Moral – Keep your skin hydrated all the time to retain your holiday tan for a longer period.

On the way back home and after you reach home, you need to maintain a properly hydrated skin. Drinking ample water can help but never over drink because that can be really harmful. 3 liters of water a day is sufficient. For further hydration using lotions will do.

Excessive skin scrubbing will not help but only quickly take away the tan color by peeling off the dead cells which are responsible for tanning. Make sure that you scrub your skin lightly and never take warm baths for prolonged periods of time. Go for a fresh and refreshing shower. Forget not to apply hydration cream every time when you are out from shower.

One good way to retain holiday tan is to eat. Not just any thing though! You need to concentrate on food that is rich in beta-carotene. Best examples of such foods are sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots etc.

Finally, you must consider using artifice that contrasts well with your skin tan color. The simplest thing to do is to wear clothes that are bright and contrast very well with the golden hue of your skin.

You need to remember that your skin will be renewed after every 28 days cycle. Hence, you cannot really keep your tan forever. You will have to re-tan your skin to get back that holiday time color.

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Is Mobile, Airbrush and Spray Tanning the same?

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There are at least two good ways for you to obtain your spray tan. The first is mobile tanning which is also the same with Airbrush tanning. The second one is spray tanning. Initially, I thought they were all the same, but now I know better. Let me try to break it down for you.

Airbrush Tanning
This type of tanning involves the services of a professional spray tan technician or beautician. The beautician will use airbrush gun designed for tanning to spray your skin. The tanning solution is poured into a tank on top of the gun. The tanning session takes place in a booth where you will stand to enable the technician spray your skin appropriately. The booth also prevents the spillage of tanning solution into the surrounding floor and wall areas. As the tanning session starts, the technician will instruct you on how to position your body per time for an even spray. One good thing about airbrush spray tan is that the solution used can be customized for your skin type. Once, you are able to get the perfect mixture for your skin, you can use it each time you need a tan.

Spray Tanning
Unlike airbrush tanning, spray tanning can be applied at home. You can purchase the spray tan can from any beauty shop online and offline and use it to spray your skin at home. This is just for a quick fix. You may not be able to use it for any special event or parties. This is because it may not be evenly sprayed and also produce the desired result for such outing. Another way you can get a spray tan is by using a spray tan booth. The spray tan solution is already positioned at a spot where it can spray the body perfectly. This also does not require the presence of any technician, but sure, it is very expensive. There is no way to control the tanning spray solution here, so there is need to be careful when using it. It can be seen in professional salons all around the place.

In conclusion, the significant difference in the two types of tanning method is the application. The application determines the level of success experienced with the method. For instance, if you want a celebrity kind of spray tan or a tan for a special event, you will need to choose airbrush tanning for effectiveness.

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The reasons why you should consider a Spray Tan

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Spray tanning is becoming a widely known and accepted method of obtaining a sun-kissed and glowing skin without necessarily staying in the sun to obtain a tan. If you are the kind of person that loves a glowing and elegant skin, you can’t but go for a spray tan for the following reasons.

No.1: Safety
Spray tan is considered to be the safest means of obtaining a tan in recent time. According to skin cancer foundation, about 90% of skin cancer is caused by exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Apart from that, there is also the likelihood of having a sun burn skin. Spray tanning is safe without all these problems because most of the tanning solutions used is from organic sources.

No.2: Busy schedules
If you are the type of person that is always very busy at work and at home and doesn’t seem to have enough time for skin beauty therapies, then spray tan is for you. Unlike sun bathing, spray tan does not take time to achieve. You can have it done for you under 20 minutes. You can even opt for home service. There are spray tan experts that provide mobile spray tan services for busy people in their homes or any designated places. With spray tan, you don’t have to lie in the sun for hours anymore. You can achieve a golden brown look in a matter of minutes.

No.3: Convenience
Unlike sun bathing that is only possible when the sun is shining, spray tan can be obtained anytime of the year. You don’t have to wait for the sun to obtain a golden skin, you can have it anytime you so desire. All you need is to consult a spray tan technician and fix an appointment for a total, complete and even tan either for your normal outing or special events such as parties, wedding, prom, girl’s night out, bachelorette etc.

With these reasons, it is clear that spray tan is the best skin beauty therapy you can ever have. It makes your skin looks natural, doesn’t take time to obtain and can be obtained any time you so desire. What a great way to look good!

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