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How to know a Good spray tan Technician

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The popularity of spray tan has brought about the springing up of many beauty salons in every nook and corner in order to cater for people’s tan needs. The spray tan industry is growing at a fast pace because of the high level of publicity employed. It is also very common to see beauty salons running different kind of bonus to attract customers. This has given rise to lots of choices for people and with these choices comes different kind of beauty technicians – both the qualified and the under-qualified. This calls for caution as you wouldn’t like a poorly sprayed skin or your skin color looking very awkward.

A good spray tan expert or technician will have appropriate license and certificates from relevant bodies. This will help you to be rest assured that you are in a safe hand and that you will also receive a high quality treatment from the technician. This also goes for a mobile airbrush spray tan expert. You can ask to see any type of certification obtained to be sure he/she can handle your skin appropriately.
Since most of these spray tan experts can be located online, it will be a good procedure to also check out their websites and read feedbacks from their clients.
This will give you an overview of what to expect from such technician before fixing an appointment or going to their salon for a tanning session.

Another good point is to check out the technician’s spray tan equipment. This is to ensure that such a one is using up-to-date or current equipment that can generate a good outcome. It is also good to check out the spray tan product/solution to be sure that it can perform and generate a good looking appearance on the skin.

With so many spray tan expect available in the environment today, the onus lies on you to choose the best technician that can provide the services you need. At Sexy Spray Tan, we have a team of well trained and professional spray tan expert who are ready to give you a sun-kissed and glowing skin. Our feedback from clients/customers also testifies of our good service.

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Airbrush spray tan for Cute Guys

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Skin beauty is not only peculiar to ladies alone, men also loves to look good. A good way to make your skin look good is by tanning. There are many ways of obtaining a tan. Its either you make use of the sun, tanning beds, spray tans or airbrush spray tan. Sun bathing has its own negative side which is skin cancer and sun burn. Tan beds also come with its attendant problems too. Airbrush tanning is better than staying for long under the sun in a bid to obtain a tan or using tanning beds. It will give you the glowing skin that will bring in more dates than you can handle.

If you are new to mobile spray tanning, you can go through this article and intimate yourself about what to expect in a tanning session.

Mobile spray tan involves the use of airbrush gun and spray tan solution. The spray solution is sprayed directly onto the outer layer of the skin. The first thing you need to do is to look for a reputable spray tan professional who will provide you with a good service. The beautician will provide a detailed guide on what products will best match your skin tone. Make sure the product in use contains a high quality DHA to provide a natural glow. The beautician will guide you to the right product to use. If you are content with the customer service provided, you can proceed to fix an appointment. You can also choose to have it done in your home alone or with your friends inform of a tan party.

Before you go for your mobile spray tan, make sure you did not apply any lotion or oil. You need to also exfoliate in order to obtain a very smooth and long lasting tan. You also need to wear something as light as swimming trunks to allow the spray solution penetrate to every part of the body. The tanning session lasts for 30 minutes after which you will have to wait for 6-12hrs for the tan to properly form on your skin before taking a shower.

Can you now see how easy and fast it is for you to look good with spray tanning? Call on a spray tan expert today and fix your appointment.

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Get the best Organic Tan product for your tan

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There are both and bad organic tan products in the market today. This is why you need to be certain of the kind of tan products you are buying. Many tan product manufacturers claim to have the best product in the market. Therefore, how will you recognize the best organic tan product?

The first thing you must look for in a tan product is aloe Vera. This is a natural skin moisturizer and should be present in every tan product. Secondly, search for ingredients that contain a very good amount of DHA. DHA is extracted from sugar cane and it will give your skin a bronze glow. You need to avoid any product with orange number four or yellow because it will change your skin to orange. Other good ingredients to look out for in a tan product are Coconut oil, mineral oil, Shea butter, Jojoba oil and Vitamins A, E, and B.

Product containing chemical alcohol should also be avoided because it will dry out your skin and not allow it glow. Any products promising you a long lasting tan will give you blotches because it will also dry out your skin.

In recent time, there are some good airbrush tanning sprays that can condition your skin and make it look natural without the streaks or any other problems associated with other tan products.

If you carefully watch out for the above ingredients in tan products before purchasing them, you should be able to obtain a good even and smooth tan. However, you need not go through stress to choose a tan product when there are professional spray tan experts online and offline. They are trained to know both good and bad products and can conveniently provide a good counsel for you when you need it. Why not consult a spray tan expert today!

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Get the latest trend in spray tan

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Many people like current fashion or trendy things, not minding whether it fits them or not. There are trendy clothes, jewelry, shoes and bags and now there is trendy spray tan. Everyone wants a particular kind of color whether it suits their skin or not.
The latest trend in spray tan that is common is for your skin to be glowing and looking natural. Not appearing like you have spent weeks on a beach and looking awkward. Whatever your color is, look for a matching spray tan shade that is not too far from your natural skin tone and you will look trendy.

You can achieve your trendy tan look in two major ways; Airbrush spray tan and tanning lotions/creams. If you prefer to go for airbrush spray tan, you will need the services of a spray tan expert. They are well equipped and trained to spray tan solution perfectly on the body. This is the best method so far because of its safety and efficiency. You can also make use of tanning booths if you have the money. But having your body spray manually by a spray tan expert is the best method of obtaining a naturally glowing skin.

You can also use tanning lotions or creams to achieve your tan look. You can handle this by yourself in the house without necessarily looking for a salon. Tanning lotion are also known as self tanners which can be purchased in beauty shops both online and offline. You can try applying a color shade that is one or two tones lighter than your normal colour. Then apply it in double thin layers. This will help you to gradually build up the shade to produce a natural looking tan. This will also eliminate any opportunity for streaks.

Therefore, you now know that it is possible to obtain a trendy spray tan depending on your skin type and the method of spray tanning you choose to use. In any way, you can also look trendy with your spray tan.

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The benefit of exfoliating before airbrush spray tan

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Airbrush spray tan gives you a glowing skin in less time than sun bathing. You can choose to have it done at any time of the year even when the weather is not good. However, if you decide to get an even tan in less time, then you need to exfoliate properly. This keeps your skin dry so that the spray tan solution can go deep into your skin to develop the base tan color you want.

Accessories for proper exfoliation

The first thing you need is a good soap. The soap must contain high quality ingredient in order to experience a good result. It is normally good to avoid using fragrance soap because they will dry out your skin despite the nice smell. It is even better if the soap is in liquid form.

Loofa or wash rag
You will also need a loofa or wash rag in order to remove all the dead skin from your skin. Using your bare hands to scrub will not produce a good result. Make sure that the wash rag is clean so that you do not transfer bacteria to your skin. After you finished washing, you need to thoroughly rinse out the soap so that it doesn’t block the airbrush tanning spray from getting to your skin.

A clean dry towel
After you finished washing and rinsing your body, you need to dry it with a clean towel as soon as you step out of the shower. Dry gently so that your body is well hydrated. You can also drink lots of water to experience a successful exfoliation process.

The last thing you require for the exfoliation process is a moisturizing lotion. This will help your skin to stay healthy. If your skin is extremely dried, rub it at night before you sleep. It will help your skin to stay moisturized and radiant as you go through the process.

Enumerated above are all you need to experience a successful exfoliation process. This will help you to get it right at the onset so that you can avoid any tanning problems or mistakes. By the time you are through with the tanning session, you will be amazed at how good looking your skin will appears.

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