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Are you pregnant? If the answer is yes, it is natural that you like to take care of your body so that no harm can touch your baby. Pregnant women generally have higher concern about their babies and hence, they prefer not to go out under the sun for sun bathing to get a tan. This is because; prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun can possibly cause skin cancer and can also harm the baby. It is because of this, pregnant women generally look for alternatives which are medically proven to be harmless. Spray tan is one such method. But still, pregnancy is the time when you need to watch out for even the most remote possibilities of dangers.

Factors to consider about spray tanning while pregnant:
First: It is very essential that if you opt for spray tan while pregnant, you need wear a face mask. This is to ensure that none of the spray materials make their way to the respiratory system which can lead to problems for the unborn baby. You need to insist on one even if the technician says it to be safe to tan without a mask.

Second: When you are pregnant, you body undergoes enormous amounts changes. The most visible being the stretching of your belly skin. It is because of this, you must always ask the technician to use some solution that has nutritious value as far as skin is concerned and that can moisturize your skin and make it soft and elastic to help your body adjust to the changes that take place every day.

Third: ‘What’s safe here is not safe there’! This is typical paradox that you need to deal with. Spray tan products can vary from one place to another considerably. While in one place, certain ingredients may be considered to be safe for you and your unborn baby, in another place, it may not be same! It is better you cross check and if you have any concerns about spray tan while pregnant, you can ask your doctor. No one can be a better guide than your physician who will know exactly what ingredients are good for your coming child and which are not.

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