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On February 18, 2013
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The skin is the most exposed part of the body. It is the outermost layer that is visible to everyone. Thus, it requires adequate care to make it look appealing and glamorous. One of the ways to enhance the appearance of the skin is through tanning. In those days, sun bathing is the most common method of obtaining a tan. Although, when the body is exposed to the sunlight, it produces Vitamin D which is responsible for bone building and also a good source of calcium; however, the harmful effect of the sun cannot be overlooked. The ultraviolet ray of the sun is quite harmful to the skin. It literally causes skin cancer and sun burn. A study carried out some few years ago revealed that about 50 percent of the people aged sixty five will have a form of skin cancer because of over exposure to the sun.

Tan bed is another option. However, it also has its attendant problems. It uses UVA radiation which is now confirmed to be as bad as exposing the skin to the sun. The UVA can also cause skin cancer. It is a common thing now to hear dermatologist advising people to stay away from the destructive effect of the sun and tan beds in order to avoid skin cancer.

A good alternative you can employ in tanning your skin is airbrush spray tan. It is also known as sunless tan. It uses a spray gun filled with tan solution to spray on the body. The solution is made of an active ingredient known as DHA which is a safe substance extracted from sugar cane. It directly reacts with the skin producing a healthy and radiant tan. Airbrush spray tan is a very healthy and sensible way of tanning. It is very convenient, easy and time saving. You can even have it done for you in your home without necessarily going to a salon. It can be that convenient. Why not try it today!


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