Faking a Tan – Methods That Can Be Used

If you are planning on faking a tan, you cannot opt for sunbath for sure. However, you can actually go for UV tanning with tanning beds but they are not so healthy because UV rays can cause skin cancer. So, what are the alternatives? Keep reading! We intend to find out the same.

Professional Custom Spray Tan
You will often find people referring to something called airbrush tan. This is the same as professional spray tan. This method works best when you allow a professional spray tan expert to work on your skin. However, you have to remove your clothes and put on something simple, such as a bathing suit. This is to allow the solution get into the vital parts of the body to produce the look of a goddess with a golden hue. This type of tanning is perfectly smooth with no streaks or patches and no funky colors. You will be sprayed everywhere! Don’t feel bad. That’s the way it works.

Cheaper Booth Spray
This is yet another method of faking a tan. Here, you will have to pay less. You can enjoy a tan at a very cheap rate. It is good with no streaks and patches and gives a pretty smooth tan. However, the same problem exists here too. You need to be stand naked and someone will be spraying you everywhere. Your hair will be protected with shower cap. Here, the feet may not have complete coverage and give you blotchy feet. Your call!

Here are its qualities: it is the cheapest and you are not required to become naked in front of anyone. You can do this on your own. There are many self-tanning products available in the market for faking a tan. However, self-tanning generally gives streaks, patches and unwanted color. Sometimes you end up applying more and sometimes you fail to apply! Oh yes, how about reaching your back? Think!
You can also use bronzers or make up for tanning but they are best only when you want wear something that will cover every inch of your body except your face, neck and some part of your chest. They aren’t good for the whole body.

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