Few Mistakes of Self-Tanning

Whenever summer comes close after long chilling winters, you think of a tan to hide your pale skin behind the gorgeous golden glow. However, if you really want to do it yourself, you need to avoid a few mistakes of self-tanning. Let us help you with a list of mistakes that you cannot afford to make.

Avoid Streaks
This is the most common mistake. Most people end up having streaks because of uneven spraying. This looks awkward and can be very embarrassing. You do not really want to end up looking like a colorful zebra! So, when you are spraying, make sure that you maintain sweeping motion and ensure that it is wide. Every sweep must overlap the other one. Better to get a bronzer along with the spray. Bronzer will help you to identify the areas that have not been sprayed. This will help you to avoid streaks.
You don’t want your hands to be tanned!

You may make use of makeshift applicator or glove and still end up with your hands tanned! This is one of the greatest mistakes of self-tanning. You can avoid this. You need to take double protection. Wear a pair of plastic gloves first and then use a mitt. However, in case you find that you are unable to protect your hands even after double protection, make sure you wash your hands immediately.

Dark Patches – They are Weird
If your skin is dehydrated, you are more likely to develop dark patches. This is because, dry skin will absorb more of the tan spray than hydrated skin leaving dark patched. You can consider hydrating your skin with some moisturizer a day before tanning. On the tanning day, take a proper shower for as long as possible. Remember that dark patches are one of the biggest mistakes of self-tanning.

Don’t Look Like an Orange
There are some fake tanning solutions which may end up giving you an orange tone! So, you need to look for some that comes with green tint. However, if you fail to make out the difference and use one that gives orangey tone and you realize the mistake after you have already applied it, take a shower as quickly as possible and this shall take off some of the color, at least making it look decent.

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