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Many people like current fashion or trendy things, not minding whether it fits them or not. There are trendy clothes, jewelry, shoes and bags and now there is trendy spray tan. Everyone wants a particular kind of color whether it suits their skin or not.
The latest trend in spray tan that is common is for your skin to be glowing and looking natural. Not appearing like you have spent weeks on a beach and looking awkward. Whatever your color is, look for a matching spray tan shade that is not too far from your natural skin tone and you will look trendy.

You can achieve your trendy tan look in two major ways; Airbrush spray tan and tanning lotions/creams. If you prefer to go for airbrush spray tan, you will need the services of a spray tan expert. They are well equipped and trained to spray tan solution perfectly on the body. This is the best method so far because of its safety and efficiency. You can also make use of tanning booths if you have the money. But having your body spray manually by a spray tan expert is the best method of obtaining a naturally glowing skin.

You can also use tanning lotions or creams to achieve your tan look. You can handle this by yourself in the house without necessarily looking for a salon. Tanning lotion are also known as self tanners which can be purchased in beauty shops both online and offline. You can try applying a color shade that is one or two tones lighter than your normal colour. Then apply it in double thin layers. This will help you to gradually build up the shade to produce a natural looking tan. This will also eliminate any opportunity for streaks.

Therefore, you now know that it is possible to obtain a trendy spray tan depending on your skin type and the method of spray tanning you choose to use. In any way, you can also look trendy with your spray tan.

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