Getting a bronze hue without cancer threat

Getting a bronze hue for your skin is possible in a number of ways. The traditional method is to go out under the sun and expose your body to the sunrays. The UV rays in the sunlight will give you a tan that will make your skin radiate the golden bronze hue. However, sadly enough, this is risky because the UV rays can cause sunburns and to their worst, they can cause skin cancer. You will definitely not want this.

How to get a bronze hue without cancer threat?
The best method which is also the safest is to go for fake tan, which is also known as airbrush tan or spray tan. This method uses DHA as the active ingredient of the tanning solution. DHA is a natural ingredient that is extracted from sugarcane by the method of fermentation. DHA or dihydroxyacetone can easily tan the skin without any side effects and the threat of cancer is completely ruled out.
In this method, you will have to first exfoliate your skin and remove all your body hair and ensure that your skin is well hydrated. What happens with these three? Here is what happens:

Exfoliation will help to remove dead cells from the uppermost surface of the skin and thus help the spray tan solution to penetrate properly.

Shaving body hair will ensure that skin pores are not blocking the spray tan solution from entering the skin.

Properly hydrated skin will ensure that no dark patches are formed. Dark patches occur when areas of skin are not properly hydrated. Those areas are dry and they absorb more tanning lotion causing dark patches.

Once the spray tanning is completed, you cannot get in touch with water for at least 6 hours. Longer the waiting time, getting a bronze hue will be easier. It will be best if you can wait overnight before taking your after-tan shower. If you are considering getting a bronze tone evenly throughout your body, you cannot afford to wear any clothes during tanning. This may be a little uncomfortable but that is worth it because of the beautiful golden bronze hue that you will get.

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