How does your skin type affect tanning?

Sunless tanning is a great way to get an even tanned look that will give that healthy bronze summer look. Tanning products work differently for different people. People with very fair skin like natural red heads should avoid using darker tanning products as they can easily make them orange and a dark tan will look abnormal on people who burn always and never tan.

There are different types of tanner available for different skin types. People who tan easily and rarely burn get great results from almost any kind of tanning solution. However for people who burn easily and tan a little they can get better results with sunless tanning that with natural tanning.

Sunless tanning works great for a lot of people. However it is important to note that different skin types reacts differently to tanning treatments and one should not expect uniform results. Sunless tanning offers different solutions for different skin types. Not everyone is going to look good with a dark tan. Often using too dark a tan can cause skin discoloration and which can make a person look pale yellow or orange. This makes fake tans look really bad. On the other hand people who can naturally get a good tan should be careful and avoid causing long term problems like early aging of skin and other skin conditions caused due to sustained overexposure to the sun.

Sunless tanning experts categorize different skin types ranging from Type 1 to Type 5. There is a different level of tanning that is recommended for each of these groups. Type 1 do not require excessive tanning as it will look unnatural and there is a good chance that dark tans will leave them looking orange. Type 2 skins can take on some amount of tanning that will give them a nice healthy glow. Even they cannot opt for too dark a shade as it will look bad. Type 3 and Type 4 skin types can take on almost any shade of tanning. Type 4 might need some amount of tan normally to look glowing and healthy. A good trained professional tanning technician will be able to guide their clients onto the shades that will work well for them.

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