How to prevent white spots while tanning

No kind of contrast is good while tanning. The smoothest and the best of tanning colors can end up looking ridiculous if one has got streaking. This happens because people often end up not allowing their tans to develop fully before carrying out activities involving water.

Some examples of what not to do after a spray tanning treatment is not to allow water to fall on the tan after your tanning treatment. If this is allowed, it your legs can end up looking like a polka dotted leg. Another important point is to not touch water. This includes mothers who give their children baths after a tanning treatment. This can result in no tan being present on your forearms. This also applied when you have a hair appointment right after a spray tan appointment. The shampooing of the hair can make the areas above the forehead wet and result in a white ring after the tan develops. These can make a good tan look bad and fake. It is necessary to be patient while the tan develops.

Applying deodorants on the day of the tanning treatment is generally a bad idea as deodorants do not wash off easily and can result in white underarms. Likewise once the tanning solution dries off it is important not to apply deodorant immediately after. Tanning technicians will apply some powder on the customers after the treatment and this should keep them comfortable for a while. Heading to the medicine cabinet right after these treatments can result in some very bad looking tans. This can take a week to wear off.

Another simple task that helps in retaining the tan for longer and keeping it even is to exfoliate well before a tanning session. This gives the tan a good even layer of skin to develop on and the tan stays for longer as the skin cells shed at an even pace. Moisturizing once the tan develops helps in keeping the tan on for longer. This is a good way to increase the life of the tan. Once the tan is close to wearing off, one can avoid an uneven look by soaking in a hot tub for a while and then buffing their skin well with a towel to remove any of the remaining tan.

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