Is Mobile, Airbrush and Spray Tanning the same?

There are at least two good ways for you to obtain your spray tan. The first is mobile tanning which is also the same with Airbrush tanning. The second one is spray tanning. Initially, I thought they were all the same, but now I know better. Let me try to break it down for you.

Airbrush Tanning
This type of tanning involves the services of a professional spray tan technician or beautician. The beautician will use airbrush gun designed for tanning to spray your skin. The tanning solution is poured into a tank on top of the gun. The tanning session takes place in a booth where you will stand to enable the technician spray your skin appropriately. The booth also prevents the spillage of tanning solution into the surrounding floor and wall areas. As the tanning session starts, the technician will instruct you on how to position your body per time for an even spray. One good thing about airbrush spray tan is that the solution used can be customized for your skin type. Once, you are able to get the perfect mixture for your skin, you can use it each time you need a tan.

Spray Tanning
Unlike airbrush tanning, spray tanning can be applied at home. You can purchase the spray tan can from any beauty shop online and offline and use it to spray your skin at home. This is just for a quick fix. You may not be able to use it for any special event or parties. This is because it may not be evenly sprayed and also produce the desired result for such outing. Another way you can get a spray tan is by using a spray tan booth. The spray tan solution is already positioned at a spot where it can spray the body perfectly. This also does not require the presence of any technician, but sure, it is very expensive. There is no way to control the tanning spray solution here, so there is need to be careful when using it. It can be seen in professional salons all around the place.

In conclusion, the significant difference in the two types of tanning method is the application. The application determines the level of success experienced with the method. For instance, if you want a celebrity kind of spray tan or a tan for a special event, you will need to choose airbrush tanning for effectiveness.

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