Side effects of spray tanning and how to avoid it

Spray tanning is great to sport that tan without the harmful effects of the suns radiation. Spray tanning is perfect for those who are sensitive to sun and crave that tan looked. Spray tanning is a safe alternative to natural tanning and sunbeds with very few side effects.

One of the primary side effects of a spray tan is that the coloring of the final tan depends on the original skin color of the person. The solution causes lighter tanning on fairer people than others. The application of the tanning solution on a wet skin can results in an uneven tan.

Tanning solutions can rub off on clothing. Hence it is best to avoid wearing much clothes till the tan dries off and then it is better to wear loose fitting cotton clothes. These tanning solutions wash off easily however the tanning solutions can leave behind tough stains on fabrics such as nylons.
It is important to allow the tan to develop for eight hours before indulging in water based activities. This includes getting your hair washed at a salon as it can leave behind a white ring on the forehead. Indulging in water based activities can result in the tan not developing properly.

Another side effect is that an improperly applied spray tan can cause streaking. This looks really bad. Well trained tanning technicians are able to use the right techniques to get an even tan that looks terrific. The bronzers that are used help act as a guide which can let the technician know which areas have been sprayed on.

Once a tan begins to wear off, it can wear off unevenly if the coloring of the tan was too dark. It is important to clean out this uneven tan properly to allow for a more even fading.

There are some concerns about the DHA that is being used for spray tans. DHA is approved for topical use by the FDA. They are however not approved for usage in the mucous membrane and around the eyes. Thus using a nose plug and covering the eyes is recommended for frequent users of spray tans.

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