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How much time are you willing to spend for tanning to get a golden glow on your skin? Days? What happens if you suddenly get an invitation for some event and you barely have a day’s time to get yourself ready? You can’t really go for sun tanning or solarium tanning, can you? You need something that is fast, reliable and safe. Here comes spray tanning. You can spend less time with airbrush tanning. This tanning is the fastest known tanning method where you are not exposed to harmful ultraviolet radiations or even heat!

If you don’t really have much time and need instant tan, you will have to opt for airbrush spray tan. You need to make some preparations before tanning. You need to shave your body hair, exfoliate your skin and take a fresh shower to moisturize your skin. This needs to be done at least 4 to 5 hours before the tanning process. Ensure that once you take a shower, you must not use cosmetics like body lotions, creams or sprays and perfumes if you want to spend less time with airbrush tanning.

Once that time is covered, spray tan will start and will take only 20 minutes to spray the tanning lotion on your body. This is generally done by a professional but if you have the equipment at home, you can do it yourself. After spraying is completed, you need to wait for a few hours for the lotion to react with your skin and then take a shower. This is generally suggested to be a minimum of 6 hours. The longer you wait, the better it is. It will be best if you can wait for next morning and then go for a shower to get your golden glow.

Assuming that you want to go for the minimum, you can have your tan in less than 11 hours – 4 hours before tan, 20 min for spraying and 6 hours after tanning! That makes it 10 hours and 20 minutes for getting a golden glow on your skin. The maximum you need will be less than 24 hours! Even with the maximum, you will spend less time with airbrush tanning than any other tanning method available.

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