Sunless spray tan: a safer and sexier alternative

Sunless tanning has been popular for over half a century now. This is becoming popular because of the harmful effects of the suns radiation. Skin cancer and melanoma cases are on the rise and sun screen manufactures are raking in money. This has made it difficult for people to get the tan they choose without worrying about the side effects. Natural tanning also exposes you to the risk of getting a sun burn which is a painful condition. Sunless tanning has seen great advances and the products that are available today are harmless and offer tans that are almost indistinguishable from natural tans.

Sunless tanning comprises of any mode of tanning that does not require direct exposure to sunlight. The sunless tanning solutions included sun beds, tanning moisturizers, tanning liquids etc. The effectiveness of these tanning solutions vary and the results last from a week to just the evening. Spray tanning is one of the most widely used temporary tanning solution that is being used today. Spray tanning works by the reactions of the chemicals in the tanning solutions with the layer of dead skin cells on the body. This effect lasts until the skin sheds off the dead skin cells which are part of its regular process. Sunless spray tan is the safe and sexier alternatives to get a beautiful tan. The results are great and the even distribution of the tanning solution avoids streaking and other problems that are associated with normal tanning methods.

Professional who offers airbrush tanning solutions also have special airbrushes that can help in applying an airbrushed make up. This is the perfect way to get make up on as the results are even and completely flawless. Spray tanning allows for the application of the tanning product in the matter of a few minutes.

Sunless spray tans are the safer and sexier alternative for that perfect bronze summer look. Unlike sun beds which required people to lie in them for extended periods of time. Once the tanning liquid is sprayed on the person has to wait for about eight hours for the tan to develop. During this time they can continue to do their normal work. This solution is great for parties as you can get the tanning treatment applied on the morning of the party or the day before.


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