Tanning Bed Bulbs – Everything You Need To Know About Them

Tanning bed bulbs are special bulbs that are used in tanning beds for emitting ultraviolet rays. These bulbs or lamps are available as different types. Differences may occur in terms of the amount of ultraviolet rays emitted and also in terms of compatibility with various types of tanning beds. The bulbs require high maintenance to extract maximum output from the tanning beds.

Necessary things to keep in mind
The bulbs generally come with a maximum usage life. This means, after a certain period of time, these bulbs must be replaced with a fresh lot. Tanning bed users must have the knowledge of replacing the bulbs.

To ensure that the bulbs survive through the whole functional life, users must learn about compatibility and ensure that proper guidelines are followed in terms of maximum wattage allowed. Sometimes, tanning beds can be regulated and hence, the manufacturer will ensure that a proper compatibility guideline is provided. This compatibility guideline needs to be submitted to health inspectors of the state. When it is time to replace the bulbs, the new set needs to have the same compatibility as the older lot. In case an individual uses the sunbed at home with no regulation for tanning equipment, using any tanning bed bulbs will do as long as wattage of the bed ballast and wattage of the bulbs is the same.

Manually it cannot be determined when to replace the bed bulbs. There is an equipment called UV Light Meter, which helps is finding out whether the bulbs need to be replaced or not. This meter can also be used to find out whether the bulbs are performing the way they are supposed to or not. If the total output of the bulbs drops to 70% from 100%, they must be replaced.

The higher the wattage of the tanning bed bulbs, the quicker they need to be replaced. A 100W bulb will last for 1000 hours maximum whereas, a 200W bulb must be replaced after 700 hours maximum. The prices of these bulbs vary and can range from $10 to $17 a piece. Price is determined by wattage, compatibility etc.

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