The benefit of exfoliating before airbrush spray tan

Airbrush spray tan gives you a glowing skin in less time than sun bathing. You can choose to have it done at any time of the year even when the weather is not good. However, if you decide to get an even tan in less time, then you need to exfoliate properly. This keeps your skin dry so that the spray tan solution can go deep into your skin to develop the base tan color you want.

Accessories for proper exfoliation

The first thing you need is a good soap. The soap must contain high quality ingredient in order to experience a good result. It is normally good to avoid using fragrance soap because they will dry out your skin despite the nice smell. It is even better if the soap is in liquid form.

Loofa or wash rag
You will also need a loofa or wash rag in order to remove all the dead skin from your skin. Using your bare hands to scrub will not produce a good result. Make sure that the wash rag is clean so that you do not transfer bacteria to your skin. After you finished washing, you need to thoroughly rinse out the soap so that it doesn’t block the airbrush tanning spray from getting to your skin.

A clean dry towel
After you finished washing and rinsing your body, you need to dry it with a clean towel as soon as you step out of the shower. Dry gently so that your body is well hydrated. You can also drink lots of water to experience a successful exfoliation process.

The last thing you require for the exfoliation process is a moisturizing lotion. This will help your skin to stay healthy. If your skin is extremely dried, rub it at night before you sleep. It will help your skin to stay moisturized and radiant as you go through the process.

Enumerated above are all you need to experience a successful exfoliation process. This will help you to get it right at the onset so that you can avoid any tanning problems or mistakes. By the time you are through with the tanning session, you will be amazed at how good looking your skin will appears.

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