The best way to obtain a natural tan

Long time ago, it was not an easy task to get a tan without the sun. After some time, traditional tanning equipment was developed. It is an equipment that employs the use of ultraviolet rays to produce an effect that is similar to that of the sun on the skin. However, there were some health concerns about ultraviolet rays. It is said to be harmful to the skin. This has led to the research and manufacture of other forms of equipment such as airbrush spray tanning device which is considered to be very safe for use on the skin.

Airbrush tanning method makes use of a chemical (dye) known as dihydroxyacetone also known as DHA. It is a carbohydrate derived from sugar cane. It was discovered by scientists a long time ago, but became popular as a tanning agent in recent time. It is considered safe as long as it is not inhaled through the nose or gets into the eye. To avoid this, it is proper to use a nose filter with careful application to the sides of the eye.

There are two types of airbrush used for spray tanning. The first one is known as the handheld airbrush equipment. It is very easy, cheap and also portable. The dihydroxyacetone is sprayed from the equipment manually. This operation need to be handled by an expert and trained operator in order to achieve the best result.

The second type of airbrush equipment is the spray tanning booths. It looks like the common telephone booth seen around the environment. The user is made to stand inside the booth while the equipment sprays the tanning ingredient on the surface of the body. One good thing about this equipment is that, it doesn’t require any professional input to achieve a good result. It is more expensive and is not portable as the handheld airbrush equipment.

In conclusion, with the information provided above, it is established that using airbrush tanning is very safe and you are now better informed to choose a good spray tanning equipment that is suitable for you. You can find more information about the equipment on this site and other online stores.


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