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A spray tan party is an incredible way of obtaining a golden tan with your friends while eating snacks and drinking wine. Below are the tips that will help you to have a great fun filled spray tan party with your friends in your house or any place you choose to have it.

1. Invite your friends with an invitation cards or an E-vite
Search for the addresses of friends you want to invite to your tan party. Choose a good looking invitation cards or an E-vite and write the time, venue, date and dress code of the tan party. Advice your friends to wear dark colour, loose fitting clothes so as to prevent the tan solution from staining them.

2. Look for a professional mobile spray tan technician
You need the services of a professional spray tan technician in order to obtain an excellent tan with no flaws whatsoever. You can always get one where you live. For example if you stay in any area in Southern California, you can call on Sexy Spray tan. We offer excellent services and our spray tan equipment is of high quality.

3. Demarcate the area for spray tan
You need to choose an area in your house where the spray tan party will take place. This will help you to confine the area so that the solution will not spread to everywhere. Most mobile spray tan experts have a tent with which to confine the area for the spray tan. This will enable your guests to feel comfortable and will also spare your floor from spray tan solution.

4. Prepare or order for themed snacks and drinks
You need to prepare or order snacks like cupcakes, cookies and low calories drink such as wine spritzer to help put everyone in the mood for the tan party. You can also buy small umbrellas for the drinks to make it look like the beach.
Spray tan parties is a great way to have fun while you get that bronze and glowing tan with your friends and loved ones. You can take a picture after the tan has fully developed to keep the memory alive.

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